hd remix tourney 2


ok i am hosting a tourney for Super Street Fighter HD Remix for xbox 360 (xbox live) and if you want to sign up post here

rules and guidelines:

1:)deadline is 9:00PM( eastern pacific) 6:00PM(westcoast)Friday September, 18 , 2009
2:) tournament starts 9:05PMEST(<-5 min grace period) 6:05 pm (westcoast) Saturday, september,19, 2009
3:)it will be whoever wins 3 rounds first progress til championshp

4:) at 9:45(est) there will be a losers bracket for the people who lost i will write them down on pen and then send them invite to a session who ever wins there get to fight the tourney winner ( so tourney winner be ready)

5:) no more than one backup will be accepted for the main contestants and please tell me who your backing up for.
6:) for no shows the person will just have to move to next player
7:)winner gets nothing more than pride and glory
tournament 1 9:05 pm (est):
1:)Technique121(host i was there from beginning to end)
2:)Sweet Poison (misunderstanding still cool though)
3:)BossyN0obk1ller(logged out)
4:)SAMMIE BASH(ain’t even log on)
5:)MisterEgoTrip(good player almost made it)
7:)st1ffpeter(ain’t even log on)
8:)mojo flexx(when’t idle once he got on dosen’t even make sense lol)


Respect BlueTallCans he won^^^^^

tournament 2 10:45 pm(est) (if there enough people):
2:)MD GIEST1327
3:)mad possum
4:)De Mavrick
7:)G3pwood (maybe?)

Tournament 3:(Denied wasn’t enough people before deadline only for tourney 3 sry)
i will add more slots as more ppl apply

i will send friend request to ppl who aren’t on my friend list
keep checking this post for updates

oh yeah at 9:00 pm i will be playing music from the one and only deep soulful underground kat laurentkm3 for 5 min just to add some officality to the tournament so understand why i am not talking during that time

ps:yalll betta show up better not be like last time ain’t nobody come i tried lowering the time frame for the tourney this time so yeah adopt


Ill try this sign me up

GT: BlueTallCans


I’ll try to make it and play, Saturdays can be busy and unpredictable for me.



yeah man i can put you in the second tournament so go to the 10:45 Est session

SG10x make room on your xbox live account so i can send you friend request


“De Mavrick” sign me up please


MonGoloRoboKop sign me up


alright one more and it will make a even tourney 3 more ppl and will have full tourney


Ok typo ummm the tournament was to be this week but since i already said it was next week it will be next week oh yeah the deadline has been officaly unstated is next friday is the deadline so feel free to join
( man gotta watch what i type thanks st1ffpeter for the help assisting the sub tourney)


D: September 16th is not Friday! Friday is the 18th!


SG10x clear your friends list and mongolorobokop accept my request


hey send me another one please i clear it by accident and i’ll clear his list he needs to play at my house his box broke


sign me up please (fortisronin)


try to be on

hey noskid313 try to be on around 10:40 pm EST if there might be a space for you on the 10:45 pm tournament i tell you if there is or isn’t a space.

ok blueMary69 i sent a invite but the pending sign doesn’t show up which means you got too many friends now delete one or send me a invite and yall both gotta be on at the same unless there 2 xbox’s i don’t think there a way you can get both name on and play at the same time


SPARTAN n3me5is sign me up please.


k cleared it please send and he just got a new xbox we are still in


deadline is now offcially reinstated no acceptions see you tommorow fellow contestants