HD resolution question

jc since most games are released at 720p, is it optimal to have my tv resolution set at 720p instead of 1080p? Does it make a difference? Sorry if this has been asked before.

Unless your TV tries to upscale the image itself, just leave it at 1080p. It will just display 720p.

Also you don’t really need 1080p unless you have a 40+ inch tv. I use a 26" that can hit 1080p, but your eyes won’t tell the difference in 720p and 1080p at that size.

Also another thing to take into account is your distance away from the tv, I believe you’re supposed to sit three times the size of the tv away from it. (In simple terms if you have a 1 foot TV, you sit 3 feet from it for best viewing)

It’s actually slightly less than 3 times less, but close enough. Hell, you actually need 50" or larger to begin to see a difference between 1080p and 720p, depending on seating distance of course.

You have that backwards. It should be 1080i < 720p < 1080p

Thanks fellas.

Did you pass algebra in high school? Do you know what > and < mean? I said 1080i<720p<1080p. That means 1080i is worse than 720p And 720p is worse than 1080p. Maybe YOU need to do some friggen research. Don’t come on here and try to talk like you know more about this topic than I do, cuz you don’t.

I can tell that English isn’t your first language. Make some research makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Maybe you need to go DO SOME RESEARCH. I’ll be busy sitting here, trying to figure out how to MAKE me some research. K?

Wow I originally thought Giiyom was making a joke when he said it backwards…now he’s just making himself an ass…

Anyway it does go 1080p>720p>1080i.

My bad. Mixed up i and p.
And no english isn’t my first language. No need to be rude.

Actually you’re all wrong.

1080p > all


720p and 1080i are just different. One isn’t better than the other. For movies with static scenes and not a lot of motion then 1080i is going to look better than 720p. If the image is moving a lot then you will want to use 720p because it will look much smoother and clearer.

Also many LCD’s don’t do 1080i even if it will accept the signal. It will just downscale to 540p. You really don’t want that so it’s better to set to 720p in that case.

all of the math/language jokes=lol