HD SfxT trailer videos available?

Anyone know if the trailers have been released in better formats? I download them direct from the Capcom website and they are still too compressed. Individual frames are a mess. Looks good in motion at low resolutions but it doesn’t scale well.

Did you try the official site?

Gamersyde usually has higher quality video footage of trailers up.


Yep gamersyde is the place to go, 60fps when they can, youtube 720p still isn’t “that” good.

Gamersyde had great quality vids. That was a good suggestion. Does anyone know a place where I can get similar quality vids in japanese? (Gamersyde only had english as far as I could tell.) I tried the official japanese website, but the vids are again very compressed ( in flash).

Extract audio from the official japanese website videos and combine it into the Gamersyde vids then.

Is it YT or the file themselves? I DLed the 720p MP4 from both sites and the YT file is smaller but they’re properties seem mostly the same.

Hmmmm… You talking about the cinematic CG trailer? There isn’t much of a gain to justify the size differences but I would certainly go to Gamersyde for their in-game gameplay clips because they run at 60fps. Its pretty easy to see.

EDIT: Oh hey me with a lot of spare time on my hands. CG trailer comparison tiem. (I’m using CCCP + CoreAVC sue me)

Youtube 720p:


Youtube vid is like 53mb while the Gamersyde is around 230mb so yeah. :shy:

Yeah Im talking about the CG trailer. The Gamersyde file is around 230MB while while the YT one is about 59. Really big difference for some reason.

@ above: There is a big quality difference with the gamersyde vids - especially in motion. Try downloading the youtube one and pausing it.

Instead of ripping the audio and then eyeballing it when I replace the track, I was hoping that there would be a japanese equivalent of the gamersyde videos. Seems odd that there isn’t, really. But then again, it’s also odd that capcom has decided not to post high quality vids on its own site, given that they could be used for additional community-driven promotions.

Pause the DL or the video itself?





Pause the video. Especially look for a scene full of ink splashes to compare. You’ll see the difference.