HD video recording issues... :-/


Hey guys, hopefully someone here has some insight into this. I have a AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR MTVHDDVRR PCI capture card and have been using Avermedia center to record from my xbox 360.

Now i used to be able to record and upload onto youtube just fine so i don’t think my computer is the problem (Video card is a SAPPHIRE 100284L Radeon HD 5750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5), Ever since i wiped and reinstalled everything on my computer every time i record something it is either a jittery playback that does the start/stop thing, Or the video is way too fast and the sound plays normally so they’re horribly out of sync.

I’m a bit noobish to the whole capture card and video thing in general so If anyone knows how to either fix this, or has any software they recommend using i’m open to all suggestions.


Sounds like it could be a codec or framerate issue. Or it could just be good ol’ ATi and their sometimes, messed up drivers. Try changing the codec or setting the framerate to 29.97 for 30 FPS or 59.94 for 60 FPS when recording as a quick test.

If that doesn’t help, are they only messed up on your PC?

Have you tried installing the latest drivers for your card?

Do a clean install by uninstalling the current drivers in safe mode, clean the remains up using this. then reboot and install the new drivers.


Thanks for the reply, As previously mentioned i’m a bit noobish When changing the codec would that be after i record or Through the program i’m using to edit it after it’s recorded? or would that be something for the system on my comp?

All drivers have been updated. I don’t have the ability to test them on another comp.