HDadvance fighters compatibility


list of compatible and no compatible fighting games for the HDadvance:


Street Fighter Anniversary
Fist of the north star/HNK
KOF 2000-2004
KOF Maximum Impact 1-2
Samurai Shodown Tenkaichi/6
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Soul Calibur 2-3
Tekken Tag, 4, and 5
Guilty Gear X, X2, AC and Slash.
3rd strike
Saint seiya
KOF neowave


Art of fighting anthology
Garou densetsu battle collection


i think only capcom classic collection 1, NGBC vampire savior collection and Alpha Anthology dont work

also KOF XI is buggy and freezes


How about CCC2?


CCC and CCC2 work (mode 1)

NGBC, SFAA, DS:collection, KoF 11 don’t work.


wow really?
man i havent been around since the sotc patch


well I order mine all ready.


damn someone made this thread before me… i have been wondering how guilty gear works X on this does any one know?

worth the money. and a word of advice a game might not work at first but if you highlight the game, press select and mess around with the modes that game might work then.


Havent tried X, but XX, #reload, and Slash all work fine.

CvS2 works, but it seems to randomly not play the background music. Sound effects and gameplay are just fine.


How about PSone games?


hdloader (or advance) dont play psx games


i think running hdl .8b, cvs2 works without the buggy music


I’ve found that CvS2 randomly starts without support for 2p controllers, so you have to restart and try again till it works.


is Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum compatible with .8b?


nope, people didnt have luck with the pal version either


how about mvc2? since that game is rare now… mind as well get a backup version hahaha


Marvel vs Capcom 2 works fine with HD ADvance.


yeah, thanks 4 the Idea


You guys are going to make me bust it out. :wgrin:

Anyway,I was a bit dissapointed when I found out that the Ps2 version wasn’t Arcade perfect.I’ll be playing all nighr though.


??? Weird. KOXI works fine with HDL 0.8b. So does NGBC. And GG for sure, I have my custom mix on my HD :smiley:


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when will you learn