HDL and JPN Fat PS2

My question is for those with Japanese PS2 and running your backed up games on it. Do I use the same process as I would with a US PS2? I’m asking because currently, I’m using HDAdvance 3.0 when I know I shouldn’t have paid for it. Silly me.

So how do I get HDL working for Japanese PS2? Can I make the same setup files on an US PS2 and will I also need a Japanese PS1 disc to act as a trigger disc?

Thanks in Advance your help fellas.

IIRC I think there is a separate Japanese version of HDL.

I’m pretty sure that installing the exploit/HDLoader into your memory card would be the same as an US-PS2 except for the fact that different folders would be used inside the memory card. You’ll have to store the stuff in the BIDATA-SYSTEM folder instead of the BADATA-SYSTEM folder that you’d normally use on an American PS2. The title.db file will also need the info of a JPS1 game that you have so it can become a trigger disc. You may still need a boot.elf in the BADATA-SYSTEM folder, though.