HDMI > DVI adapter: does it add refresh lag?

So, long story short, the old CRT monitor I used to use for online gaming broke a few weeks ago.

After studying the HDTV thread for a couple days I decided to pick up an Alienware OptX AW2210 monitor.

The monitor itself is great however it doesn’t have a VGA port and it didn’t come with a remarkably long DVI cable either.

My old-ass PC videocard doesn’t have a HDMI port so I resorted to use the DVI one and since the cable bundled with the monitor was too short I now have to purchase either a** DVI>DVI** or a HDMI>DVI cable…the problem is that the ones longer than 1,5 meters are nowhere to be found around here, so I was thinking of getting a long enough** HDMI>HDMI** cable (they’re much easier to find) and put it in place combined with a HDMI>DVI adapter/reduction (see image below).


Now my question is, does anybody knows if the use of the aforementioned “adapter” adds refresh lag?

Also, would using a** DVI (videocard end) > HDMI (monitor end)** cable be exactly the same as using a** HDMI > HDMI cable + DVI reduction/adapter**?

And, ultimately, Is there any advantage in using a** DVI > DVI** cable instead of a HDMI > DVI or** HDMI > HDMI + DVI reduction**, refresh lag-wise or are all of them basically the same thing?

Thanks in advance for your help and I apologize for being such a noob.

I don’t see why as they’re exactly the same signal.

The adapter is a pass through only adapter, it doesn’t change the signal. So I don’t think it should add any lag at all.

I’m being told that DVI is generally faster than HDMI…anyone care to elaborate?

"First, to clear away one element that can be confusing: DVI and HDMI are exactly the same as one another, image-quality-wise. The principal differences are that HDMI carries audio as well as video, and uses a different type of connector, but both use the same encoding scheme, and that’s why a DVI source can be connected to an HDMI monitor, or vice versa, with a DVI/HDMI cable, with no intervening converter box. "

Taken from http://forum.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/34579/122868.html

Yup. HDMI essentially carries DVI video and adds other stuff on other pins. You can convert DVI to HDMI by simply wiring the two connectors together without any processing. See: http://pinouts.ru/VideoCables/hdmi_dvi_cable_pinout.shtml