HDMI no sound problem


hi, i just bought an hdmi cable and tryed connecting it to my monitor to my 360 and there is no sound can some one please help?


Does your monitor actually have sound? Also, HDMI does not necessarily carry sound.


HDMI carries both sound and video in one cable. Your monitor should automatically have sound outputted, but only if it has speakers built into the screen. If not, you’ll need to use RCA or optical cables and connect them to computer speakers, or a sound system.


I found out i can hear sound if i put headphones in the headphone jack on the monitor but when i take them out the sound is gone. is there anything i can buy to solve this problem?


Sounds like you have a monitor which can carry audio, but has no actual speakers built into it.

Just buy any good old desktop speakers for a PC, as long as they have a 3.5mm jack, you’ll get sound just like your headphones.


thanks a bunch man