HDMI Switch input lag?


Does a powered HDMI switch such as a monoprice.com/Product?c_id=101&cp_id=10110&cs_id=1011002&p_id=6416&seq=1&format=2

Work without introducing any input lag? Has anyone have a good faq for this, or a website that has tested this for video games?


Can an HDMI switcher cause input lag?

I use a switch that splits the signal between a tv and a pc monitor. I didn’t notice any input lag, but I realized my tv is guilty of input lag.


In my experience and general testing, “lagless” HDMI passthru setups generally induce between 12-16ms of additional lag. That’s technically less than a frame, but combined with other parts of your setup may add up to more than you’re willing to deal with. There’s really no substitute for running directly from console to monitor if minimizing lag is important to you (hence BenQ’s shift towards adding HDMI out for capture cards at the end of the chain, rather than in the middle of it).


Arturo got his powered splitter setup tested and there was no additional lag added. They used the same method/hardware FourWude uses for DisplayLag.com


Thanks all.

I’m wondering if Arturo’s findings work for monoprice splitters as well as the switches.
I assume it does based off the fact they are both passing through a device.