HDR at Summer Jam - and the reasons OG's don't like HDR

We only had 10 people for HDR.

Damdai also ran a Super Turbo tournament, and it got 26 people
(but I have a feeling this was a timing issue, as the ST tournament happened early Saturday, and the HDR tournament happened very late Sunday)

Where was everyone?!

Damdai says the reasons he doesn’t like HDR is the easier motions.
I don’t really care for the easier motions, just 3P and 3K being changed to 2P and 2K or LP+LK/HK+HP
He saw eye to eye with me on this.

Would be nice to get a patch to change all the motions back except for the latter, so the OG’s will come and support the final version of SF2.

If you ‘fixed’ all these non-problems that people complained about, they would just find another excuse, and another, and another, until you realize you were being trolled.

Instead of looking at 26 vs 10, we should be looking 36 vs the SF4 turnout and wondering what we can do to change that.