HDR can officially be at EVO if you vote!

Taken from the gd thread because I think it deserves it’s own thread here especially to get more votes lol. However, if inappropriate please remove it mods.

Hi everyone, i know a lot players in the ST/HDR community are upset to not see there game on the main event for the upcoming EVO 2011. This is why i came up with this idea of creating a poll to reinforce our position and show the EVO organisers that ST (in my case)/HDR are still popular enough to be runned on the biggest american tournament of the year.

So guys, Would you like to see HDR at EVO 2011 ?


Hey, that’s my quote hahaha. You could quote me at least !:wonder: Also **this is nothing official **but it will probably help for what will happen next in the future, let’s hope for the best. Keep in mind that this is not a race between ST or HDR, but rather a way of showing that both communities for these games are still strong !
’‘Together We Stand Strong, Divided We Fall’’

I want SF2 at EVO officially as well, but the title is misleading. It’s just some guy that made a poll in the Evo series thread. It’s not an official vote like last year.

Yeah I forgot to quote you properly lol my bad. DUH it’s not official but it can be if EVO starts to give a shit lol think positively!

Waste of time.

Im gonna vote for remix but just a thought. Is it possible that capcom wants to crush HD remix cos of Sirlins attitiude when he left backbone?

I really feel remix is the better game. It seems its cool and more harcore to bash remix for being “babyzone” but being honest it is more balanced and fun.

i highly doubt thats why dude. i think this has more to do with the new generations of fighting games and gamers and corporate sponsorships that support promotion of these new games. if all of a sudden SF2 in general garnered as much mainstream interest as marvel 3 or SF4 does now then i’m sure capcom would be tripping all over themselves to promote SF2.

Although I prefer HDR, I’m thinking that since ST currently has the lead, that we should all club in and vote for it?

I’m aware of the fact that if both games end up with a 50/50 split or something, that it’s likely nothing will happen. At least if we concdede and vote ST, there may be a better chance of some form of SF2.