HDR Classic Mode only Matchmaking Thread



Anyone interested in playing classic mode on HDR post here?



I am. I’ll stay free in the lobby though lol


add me, i’m down for classic modes. look me up when i get on.




Yall know what it is, feel free to send me a request or invite.


Im down for this as well. I find myself having more fun playing classic lately. Also I can play more characters in vanilla then I can in remix.


Got to love vanilla! Anyone want to get ochio looped? =P Tecmo, fix your NAT so we can play!! I’ve tried to fix mine but was unsuccessful. =[


I’m down to play with st gief :).


Excellent! I will add all you people next time I’m on.

Kacom, what’s wrong with my NAT? I got all ports opened and what not.


I think you’re moderate. I’m bum ass strict… =’[


I’m always down for classic


Hahahah, Tecmo has all his “ports open”.



I meant ports forwarded.


Id be happy to play classic mode.


+1 for Classic




Why? Especially for Tecmo, where ST Guile is worse??

Just curious.


If anyone wants to play Classic mode just send me an invite, I go both ways…um…I mean I play Remix and Classic. LOL.

I usually just go into the Remix lobby if I don’t get an invite to play Classic, since most people are playing R.




Behave yourself Papasi. :nono:

Studtrooper, in my area the major tourneys have all switched to ST, since I prefer competing offline there’s no reason for me to continue to play HDR.


Tecmo and Mars are worst
They said bad stuff on stream but dont have the courage to say otherwise on forum. weak :arazz: [hehe I learned that from you]

btw, just google around and you can find XP ISO easily. I saw mars on ggpo quite often now. but then you might run into yuuvega on classic at weird hours