HDR Classic Mode tournament at Treta Tournament


Live streaming SOON: http://www.twitch.tv/dudujagan

Game: ST HD Remix (Classic Mode)
Platmform: PS3
Tournament type: double elimination

Notable players: deathgun, Wall-Garants, Belotadentro, Born2SPD, CLE, Cleve, Ryan Hart

Edit: brackets at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bsa73tczcl7po32/Dga58HR6Qd undet “ST”.


Classic Mode with HD sprites?!





Well, if it depended on me, it would have been a ST tournament on cab (CPS-2) and ShmupMAME. They stated classic sprites looked bad on HD screens.

We got more than 32 entrants, so a 64-man bracket was needed. Not bad for a game which has like zero attention from the Brazilian game media. Born2SPD is the new Brazilian HDR Classic Mode champion.

  1. Born2SPD (O-T.Hawk, M.Bison)
  2. EvilCraa (Ryu, Guile)
  3. OCT|Earquemann (Blanka, Zangief, E.Honda, Dee Jay)
  4. OCT|Wolverine (Ryu, O-Sagat)


woooooooooooooooo big ups to B2SPD T.Hawk MacFruitLoops in the house!!!


Congrats to Born2SPD and all other friends I met there!
Thanks oldschool!
SSF2T rulez \o/