HDR Classic Mode Tourney


The lack of support is the cancer of this shit, hdr is a dying whore, and this shit is cancelled.


I think it’s too early for this shit right now. For what game is this?? SF??


Looks like this is for HDR


im down


A lil premature, Phil. Heart’s in the right place though.




Just trying to get people together for a tourney since HDR’s been hitting a dry spell as of late.


:frowning: yeah when i started this thread i said to myself “this shit wont work, sf2 on psn is dead”, but i want to give it a chance! :frowning:


Eh sure why not.


Why classic mode though?


you know what… i’m done with this shit, stop questioning, if you’re going to support something just join the shit, this whole thing is waste of time. it’s over, no classic or hdr tourney.

no further replies from myself and don’t waste my fucking time sending private messages or messages on psn.



Damn, see what you guys gone and did? You hurt Phil’s feelings.

I don’t understand why there was criticism of it? It seems like a good idea.


If you don’t like it, don’t join it. It’s really that simple.


Asking why something is classic mode vs. HDR isn’t criticism. And if I didn’t want to play classic mode I wouldn’t join, you’re right ultracombo. As it happens I have no particular preference, so I don’t know why phil went home in tears?


This thread is getting heated up. Until the owner calms down. I’ll re-open this thread.