HDR focused report from Super Vs Battle 20-X in London

So yeah, I lucked out and got through to the final 8! :slight_smile:

Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly from my opinion of the event, enjoy!

I had an amazing time at Super Vs Battle 20-X? BUT? Agoners

Have the top EU players message me on xbl I’d like to see how good the competition is, though I’m sure it will be laggy (too bad exposedd couldn’t show up to that tourney.)

Alternatively, you could message them instead :wink:

From the SVB top 8, the XBL gamertags I personally know of are:
orf33 (Ryu)
Remy77077 (Deejay)
PlanetRV (Honda)
Fulaani (Blanka)

Some other Euro gamertags from solid players off the top of my head:
ExposedD (Bison)
dav 35 (shoto)
Sharizord (Vega)
o Chromium o (shoto)
ScarGFX 360 (Balrog)
Ashman NW (Chun Li)
Bogeuk (Deejay)

The NYC to west Europe connection can be surprisingly smooth. The main undersea transatlantic telecom cables run directly between NYC and southern UK so it’s a smooth trip for the internet packets.

Yep I can back all of those guys as top players - well, except myself! Most of them have played and done well in my XBL Euro online tournaments too.
European XBL HDR Recorded Play ? Records So*Far? ? Agoners

(more of those to come once I stop playing way too much StarCraft II hopefully…)

WA Quarnage is xWAx Qarnage too. (I spelt his name wrong on my site - he just corrected me… took me a while to even notice I was automatically adding a U after a Q… doh).

And yep it was a shame ExposedD couldn’t make it as I’ve just been playing against him a lot on XBL and he’s a really cool guy. :slight_smile:

Sadly for guys like me in northern UK it’s not always so good, but NY area is definitely the best area of the USA for UK to connect to, it’s really noticeable.

Brilliant idea: message them yourself.

IMO, the “solid” players you listed are better than the Top 8 guys you listed overall. Although every player there is at least good.

EDIT: Read the report, well done! Hope you enjoyed yourself, bro.

Nice! Thanks thelo.

the nmh, painindagame, bogeuk, and a few others always quit when I beat them I don’t want to call them rage quitters as it’s probably the lag but I don’t ever get to play EU players more then 1 match =/.

Exposedd is the shit btw one of the top bisons with renomd and zaspacer.

Yeah well, tournament formats are good for some people and not others. I got a massive dose of helping luck this time around, after being screwed last year, so it all comes out even I guess :slight_smile: I’m always way better offline though, and also I tend to do way better in tournament conditions I’ve noticed.

Hopefully it’s obvious that I really did :smiley: Cheers Noriega. :slight_smile:

We also keep this list of EU HDR players:
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(my FL is also full of em :wink: )

Good read Remy, thanks for putting it up. It sucks that Daigo was not allowed to play HDR. For next year, double elimination is the way to go IMO, you should definitely push for that. = j

Sad to hear about all the seemingly underhanded stuff that went on.

Despite that i still wish i could have gone.

so many peoples mentioning my name :slight_smile: i’m getting touched over here , lul!

I am actually thinking about going to EVO next year. As my first tournament , and as my first time meeting some of the many good friends i have made on XBL. I’m aware that it’s gonna cost me some to go from sweden 2 las vegas. But i’m very sure it will be worth it.

yggr :slight_smile:

Yeah I wish both you guys coulda made it. (Shari & Exposed)

I might just make it to EVO one year. I really fancy doing it to visit Vegas too… I wish it was in the football season though so I could get to watch a game or two as well in one trip. Oh well, I’m planning to get over to Miami in Nov or Dec this year for that anyway. :slight_smile:

remy, dav, ashman, scar,n chromium for some reason it says can’t complete the process when I try to add , everyone else added:tup:

Quarnage is SMQ btw.

SMQ lol isn’t he that scrub who rage quits and sends funny messages?

well yea, his online manners are crap but his game is there.

Congrats you guys, good writeup Remy!

Also, I’ll vouch that Remy has a turbo-powered internet connection, and I was able to play him virtually lagless even though I live about as far west as you can go in the US (not counting Alaska, of course). If you’re itching to play one of these top 8 guys, it’s worth a shot to message Remy, and he’s a super cool dude, too.

The trouble is my friend list is almost always full :-/ I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I really really really really hate the 100 friend limit. :frowning: I’m really hoping they increase that in autumn.

LOL, thanks skankin :slight_smile:
I can’t remember playing you in a while but I remember losing to you in some matches a long time ago! (Ranked maybe)… It musta been a good night for my internet, it really depends on how my ISP is doing at the time, I do have a really high speed connection for the UK though - cable - with (usually) decent upload which is a must for gaming.

I’m honestly really not nearly as good as most of these other guys in the last 8 though - and there’s lots of better players than me who didn’t make it through. I mean, I love playing against good competition - I don’t mind losing all the time but I try to learn stuff… but I don’t want to rep Europe on XBL or anything if you get what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: I’m really bad in lag and very erratic online cos I’m often playing when I get the time even when I’m way too tired from work and stuff. My reactions and execution are pretty awful at the best of times, being tired or laggy matches just kills me.