HDR focused report from Super Vs Battle 20-X in London

Im at the west coast, cant get a good connection at all from euro guys…I would love to play Kaosflare Guile as i eat green berets for breakfast!

koasflare doesn’t really play HDR. He’s an old school guy from arcade.

Yeah, I suspect the reason Europeans quit after playing you is lag. In my experience you can get away with some matches from New York. 100 ping is about the top end of what I’d be willing to play (depends on how desperate I am for a match, eg if there are no Europeans playing). However ping isn’t the only factor in smooth online gaming. With long connections also comes the possiblity of packet loss, which ends up in missing frames.

That said I was playing a Balrog player with 130 ping a few weeks back and I was amazed at how few frames were dropped. I could have sworn it was SMQ until I exited the lobby and checked his ping.

I purposely avoid connections outside of Europe because of lag. The most annoying thing is when the background starts shuddering left and right, it makes my eyes hurt. I’ll even leave a lobby if I notice an American has joined. I hate lag even more than turbo or Akuma.

I was playing fulaani and sharizord today and noticed it was fine until either one of us did a special move then the speed of everything just slowed down with massive rollback (had 1 of my supers rolled back halfway into it lol) but when neither of us did anything the lag was fine and I got kicked out twice right before it was my turn sooo annoying. I played bogeuk and exposedd much better connection.

I noticed your blanka is very different then BTC, he’s hyper aggressive while you’re a bit more cautious I’m not too used to a good blanka being that patient, gg’s to both of your regardless of how laggy it was (invisible walldive is broken! lol)