HDR "Hard Knocks" Tournament - RESULTS POSTED!



**XBL **SSFIIT HD Remix Tournament - Double Elimination

Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Time: 3PM EST (12PM PST, 1PM MST, 2PM CST)
Organizer: blitzfu


1st Piston Honda x
2nd MisterEgoTrip
3rd TheloTheGreat
4th blitzfu
5th howmuchkeefe
7th philcito

Format: Double elimination bracket. There will be no seeding. This tournament will not count towards any WWL rankings or points.
Rules: Winner must choose the same character. Akuma is banned.
Matches: Best of 3 matches, 3-rounds each match. Winner’s Finals/Loser’s Finals - best of 3 matches. Grand Finals - best of 5 matches. Loser’s Finals winner must win 2 sets of best of 5 matches in the Grand Final.

Signups: Canada, USA and Mexico ONLY please. Specify XBL tag in your post.
IRC Chat: Channel #hdremix. Use an IRC client to join the EFnet channel. Or use the browser-based EFnet IRC Network Web Chat client. You can also download XChat 2 or mIRC. Nickname is your XBL Gamertag. Winners and Losers must report the results in the IRC chat. If you can’t use IRC, post your results in this thread. If you want to know who your next opponent is, check bracketmaker.com. Please report to the IRC chat 30 minutes prior to the event.


[]Piston Honda x
[]Real Decoy


edit: oops i’m not allowed to join lol


I’ll Join this tournament



Heh…you can count on MET!


You’re in philcito.


The time and date are perfect for my schedule.

Sign me up please!


New here, what are WWL and points? WWL=xbox leaderboard? People still use that?


Edit: Woops, forgot I won’t be home until the evening so I’ll have to sit this one out.


Yes please, Lyghts 0ut.


Cant make this one, its my b-day…my asian wife probably got something special going on…I’ll get the next one


World Warriors League

Wouldn’t that be Piston Honda?


No, I would’ve put Piston Honda x. My acct will most likely be unbanned by then, I don’t see why it wouldn’t.


Thanks Blitz, clear out your damn pms though haha


Blitz, might need to create another thread in the strategy zone section for XBL players since most of them hang out over there and just place a link to redirect to this thread for sign up. Just a thought.


I’m in.


There’s space now.

I posted a link in the WWL thread, and Zoolander posted a link in the General Discussion thread (thanks Zoo!). I also posted a thread in the sirlin.net forums. I think the tourney has a lot of exposure, plus we still have a week to go, so I think it’s alright.


10K Volts wants in. :slight_smile:


I hope this is not another Fake Decoy bait. LOL JK With you and BTC, Blanka’s gonna have a good shot at taking the number 1 spot. LOL

Get hype y’all!! :woot:

Edit: Thanks to Ego for the link in the GGs thread!


Blitz, cool to just use Piston for the tourny, my orig. acct is all jacked up.


Yo, just pointing out that Efnet has a maximum nickname length of 9 characters, so we won’t be able to stick to IRC nick = gamertag. Yeah I know it’s retarded.