HDR has ruined me!


I just played like 80 straight rounds of ST (turbo 2) on GGPO for the first time in forever and it felt like I was fighting in syrup.


I suck in ST now coincidentally :sad:


Yeah HDR completely f’d my T.Hawk skills in ST. Lol

I moved onto Blanka, O.Sagat, and Fei Long is that game. :smiley:


lolz, I recently jumped back on GGPO after not being on for a few months, yeah the transition back has been funny, I got Sim/Guile tweaks to contend with, and I dont even try with Gat… (totally different beast there)


I’ve also been playing GGPO lately. A little awkward going from HDR to ST seeing as I main Gief :D. Other than that its fun not having to wait/search for matches just play nonstop with people :slight_smile:


I played ST a bit. I nearly got carpal tunnel in one evening of mashing Honda HHS. Not a joke.


Yeah, I believe you. I bruised the bottom of palm a little yesterday doing Fei Long’s CW in ST. Ugh…


I can’t do DJ’s BnB consistently in ST anymore. I always screw up c. jab, st. strong.


whats GGPO sorry for sounding dumb but what is it?



The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I play different characters in HDR and ST, but the speed difference alone was enough to throw me off. I don’t think actively playing HDR and sucking at ST is coincidence.


It took me about a day to adjust to ST on GGPO. I think I’m playing my best SF these days. Go figure.


To be fair when we play ST our only option at ranbats is to simulate it with Capkore Hyper picking only Super and Super X chars, but I don’t have to adjust all that much. Feels pretty much the same aside from a slight speed difference.


LOL, I know, it’s hard to believe how much we used to have to mash to get HHS out, no wonder we used to have to replace buttons so often! I find myself sometimes going for cr.short->HHS in ST out of habit, which doesn’t work (so I blame EA for ruining my ST game, LOL).

I do miss repeated Ochio in corner, though, especially against Bison, LOL.


You know if you practiced it enough you’d be able to do it in ST right? I can do it with MP HHS every so often on the arcade cabinet they have at Denjin. Plus the hit box on the HHS is way better.


EAmegaman sucks at ST… j/k no really though it’s funny cause im the opposite it feels when i go back to ST im more powerful!!! because Chun is actually good in that game… :stuck_out_tongue: Stop practicing guys because ST is Back on the SBO List I know i’ll be on GGpo alot more now i want that ticket to Japan!!


I tried like 5 times the other day to get HP HHS out and I couldn’t do it. That’s probably why I like HDR so much, because I suck at button mashing :lol:


My fingers hurt just from thinking about it :crybaby:!


Yeah, that was one of Honda’s buffs.

I don’t think the combo would come out as consistently.Sure, you’d get it in. But, I think you’d miss the link enough for it it not to be 100% dependable. Yet, you’d still probably get the ochio and the end blocked HHS anyway.

But, who am I kinding. You’d cut your eyes out before you’d play ST seriously with Honda. If you think its too much work in HDR against shotos… ST would be like convincing yourself that its ok to break glass off in your pee hole… Just saying.

Every thing about about this I echo 100%. Sim in ST is WAY more powerful. The extra damage on the super and the extra noogie range hurts people… a lot. I love the fact the SBO is sporting ST. One can only wonder if they’re making a statement about HDR. I am sure they are not. But ST fan-boys can wonder… :wink:

-Fatty :china:



Although I cannot play ST Cammy anymore. After Sirlin’s great changes to HDR Cammy, ST Cammy is complete garbage. Difficult and overlapping motions + only jab backfist goes through projectiles + crap drill recovery = ass.


Yeah, my game is more or less the same in ST as in HDR, but my dictator corner escapes are fucked. Lots of buffs bison got are very useful in the corner, where he has trouble, like stand jab and invincible DR, and i’ve gotten used to using them in HDR. I forgot how badly he got raped by half of the cast in ST when he got cornered, but it only takes 10 minutes on GGPO for it to all come rushing back…lol.

I think so too. I was BIG into Hyper fighting back in the day, and also ST, and alpha 2, and practised them fairly seriously, but there just wasn’t access to as much great info and resources back then to help me improve as much as there is now. The internet has been a major factor in me improving my game over the last few years. Sites like youtube, SRK, streetfighter dojo etc have all taught me so much that i didn’t know before, and stuff like XBL and GGPO have brought easy access to much more good competition that i wouldn’t have had where i live.

While i might be spending the same amount of time playing as i always did, or even more (because life gets busier and more complicated as you get older), i feel like i’m learning more than i ever did before.


Same here bro… inputs are strict in ST, i really suck doing DP Reversals, HDR has easier input windows, once you get used to that easy mode, you’re ST execution is a mess.

Some OG players hate HDR for that reason and they rather to stay to the Super Turbo version in GGPO and i don’t blame them.

I wonder, will we have HDR in GGPO someday?