HDR is too good

Ok, the only fighter I can say I’m decent in is ST/HDR. I have quite a few fighters that I own and want to get into (KOF12, BB, SF4, MvC2) but for some reason I just don’t give them the time of day. Every time I think of starting up BB I just think “or… I could fire up HDR!!” and do that. Like time playing other fighters is wasted instead of playing HDR.

I think I’m addicted to something. Damn you Sirlin!! Anyone else like this?

Yes I’m hungover :rofl:

I think the other problem is that this game is so easy to fire up. You can say it is lazy but I just wish there was a way to have multiple games in say a dvd multidisk unit. But since there isnt I end up not taking whatever game I have in it and just end up playing HDR or the disk I had in there. This is one of the proponets nowadays of having games as a downloaded item as opposed to owning a disk.

Yes. It’s like crack.

Do you know of a good support group for this problem?

If you had a mental disorder that led to you constantly experiencing and seeing yourself having sex with Natalie Portman.

Would you really want to be cured ?

Good point!

I only get bored by HDR if I’m too tired to play or have nobody to play with.

I wish I owned a 360. Getting Backboned isn’t cool.

there are times when i am about to start playing and i try to tell myself that i should fight my addiction…don’t pick up that stick…dont do it! and then i proceed to play for like 5 hours or more straight

Hey man, don’t diss Natalie!

She’s awesome!


Try reading what i wrote again.

My bad!

Haha. I bought KOFXII the day it came out, played it once.
BB, bought it right away, played for about a week.
I used to play SFIV a lot, but now I only do when my friend from work wants to play.
So yeah, I feel ya. I stopped going to local tournies because no one here cares about HDR apparently.

Doesn’t it suck being from Michigan and not having any competition?

I love how one of the guys on the capcom unity thread said “we will look into it”, and in the same breath they said “we have no plans to patch the PS3 version at this time.”

I love HDR, but I can’t stand playing it anymore, maybe if I get an xbox, but if you really want to break the addiction, play it on PS3 for a few days, then you’ll swear off HDR. Well particularly the online component.

Yeah, it’s a drag. I love the scene and much prefer playing in person than online, but it’s just not worth it to go out of my way to only play games I don’t enjoy half as much as this.

Oh well, at least there’s always Evo. And SB in October :wgrin:

I too am an HD Remix junkie, they really do need a street fighter II support group to help me break my addiction lol.

Same here. I :lovin: u HDR!

My name is TecmoSuperBowl, and I’m a Street Fighterholic.

Random disconnects on psn will tell me when I had enough. But on xbl I can play forever? or at least until I can’t stay awake.

I hate this game. I do the “ooh I could play some quick matches of HDR from my quick list of games” and usually by the fifth game I’m just pissed off. Something about SF2 online is not tight.

Hi guys. My name is James Walton and I am an addict. :bgrin:

yeaaaah get 'em james