HDR, MVC2, BB Tourney Sun. 30th Concord, ca

Please read everything.
Games HD:R, MVC2, KOF XII(so Louie has something to do) or BB or CvS2

Normal games rules apply. You know that shit.

Entry fee: $5 dollars per game.

Everything on next gen consoles. Bring appropriate shit. Will try to have one of each. I have a 360 and a ps3 everyone else should try and bring other shit. Marvel on DC if people want it.

Pay out:

Casuals will Start at 4:00 while the tournament itself should get started around 8:00. I hope to be done by 12(which is why there is no SF4)

If ur(hdr players) not there u suck. I mean there aren’t a lot of hdr tourneys.


I live in the blue house with no grass on the right. When you get here don’t go to the front door just walk down the drive way.

Also I live on a major street so parking may be an issue. Please do not park in front of my immediate neighbours houses(especially not the gated house). THanks.

If you plan on smoking tell me first so I can get on that :slight_smile: jk but let me know, with so many people smoking randomly may not work out.

Only person who can drink beers is jay.

925 players should be a little early to help me set up.

Everyone please be on time.

fuck hdr. i’ll bring my labtop so we can play st…

:sad: see ya there

We can play both.

If you send me a pm I’m not sure when I can answer it because i don’t have an internet connection here. if asking for the addy ask Nima, Farid, or wait until I get back in town Thursday. I should use a computer before then but you never know.


Let’s do it, my friend. Add in BB (or replace KOFXII) and you’ll get sleeper agents coming out of the woodwork. You’d still have a manageable amount of people, I suppose.

PS Figure out whether it’s going to be ST or HDR or both. People need to know what to train on.


TRAIN!!! its all NATURAL BRO!!!

I’m Ryu, homie.

You going to secure your spot on the HDR 5-on-5 this time around? :yawn:

HDR is the main game. st will probably be ran during casuals and will be free entry. Would anyone show up for bb? CVS2? I don’t even have BB. Someone bring it and teach me the best character.


I’ll bring a PS3 setup with HDR.

I’m down to play ST, HDR, and BB though I don’t get off work until 5pm. I’ll be there.

I want there to be an HDR tourney so i can take Thrust07’s money!



j/k <3 thrust


We’ll wait until 6 to start st, it goes by way quick anyways.
I’ll take everyones money in HD:R except macaronis.

Ahem. Sticky? Please?

No SF4? Sweet! HDR is taking it back to the roots. I want to join the I want to take Thrust’s money Tourney. Where in Concord is this being held at?

come join the dark side homie.

I might try to attend this. Show off my hdr blanka

So…what’s the head-count looking like for the HDR tourney? My bro & I might be tempted to go ONLY IF we know for certain that there will be more than 20 heads for HDR. We already sastisfied the monthly LA-to-Bay Area quota drive. So, we just want to make sure that we don’t get a repeat of the Bay Area Gamer’s Con/something that wound up cancelling HDR and only getting to play “4” players total. Lol, drove 12 hrs in one day (roundtrip) just to end up playing 4 players…wack.

Holy shit, I had no idea the turnout was so bad for that event. Pretty poor testament to the Nor. Cal. HDR scene, huh? Well… I dunno, maybe it speaks for the game itself more than it does a regional scene. We did have a rough time getting that one casual station going at EVO day 1. :rofl:

Counting from the players I know in this thread, the current total is up to eight or so. I just talked to another friend of mine and he says he’ll go, too, bringing us up to nine. But to be honest, I doubt we’ll get 20 people to show unless more people post by Sunday and/or top players come through.

That being said, if you two were to attend, it would make the event that much more exciting. And that statement applies to any event in the future. I’m sure others will agree.

PS: I’ll make it my personal mission to try and talk to all the HDR players I know to try and get a decent turnout.

kofxii… yess!!

I’m there! Let’s rock!

I’ll bring a 360, monitor through VGA and KOF12

Edit: I forgot! I also have SF:HDR :stuck_out_tongue:

Count me in for HDR and KOF12 if it’s there.

I have work. Probably get out by 8 and I don’t think i’ll be able to make it in time! We’ll see though. Thanks for the heads up, Mike.

Oh shit, son. It’s DGV. Bet on this man to take everyone’s money.
Well, unless the really, really top players show up or I pull off some clutch victories.

I’ve remember playing you a handful of times randomly on GGPO/xbl. Let me prep you a little on the scene that goes on over in the Bay regarding ST/HDRemix:

There are a handful of players in the Bay that still play this game at a high level, but it’s only a fraction of the amount of players who play SFIV. You’ll get some good competition if these guys show up. You’ll get GREAT competition if some of the OG players show up: Choi, Graham and Spider-Dan to name a few. However, it looks like you guys are looking more for the number of people who show.

I can’t guarantee turnout. But I will tell all the ST/Remix players I know about this for your sake, and I guess for the sake of the community. Everyone reading this should spread the word as well. We need to rep the game that started this shit.

If you decide to come through, I look forward to meeting you, talking some Street Fighter and having good games.

EDIT: Shinobi, I can bring x360 + HDR + BB. Gotta work the next morning tho so don’t expect me to stay too late.

I’ll play some BB/KoFXII if it’s there. I can supply a copy of BB for 360 if needed as well.

Um, where is this being held tho?