HDR Online for the Atlantic South


I never noticed that there wasn’t a thread for this. Someone please sticky this. This for any players that wanna play HDR online in your region so you wouldn’t have to play anyone in “Rollback” city. Post up your gamertags!

PSN= TheOnlyOne1980


PSN: Truth82803


psn: King-Sun


Xbl: ravaii
PS3(I rarely play on this): cluxdelux


xbl: dragonaries47


I plays the HDR.





<------ Info over there.


xbox : krazzy334

psn : krazzy


Well i know that trent plays HDR and his friend cant think of his name right now, as well as alfred,cakes,roitken,jesse,ronald, and about another 10 or so people that i know that plays HDR only. Oh ya and, Mr. Egotrip in daytona i believe and guile75.

Just that everyone live so far apart, its hard to bring everyone together but, that $1000 prize tourny in july or when ever in orlando should bring out the new faces.

Ya, and hakan is gay there his adoptive daughters.


GT: NGE KrazyTiger

adding to the list


XBL: eG SyphoN
GGPO: oBryant (on here more often)


Yo, HDR all the way


What Up I$$AC?!? Yessir…HDR all day even life after SSF4!!! Oh yeah, I’m in North East Florida…904!!! BTW, Project Storm 3 for HDR had a pityful turnout! It was great if you like SF4 and Tekken 6! Hey Mavrick, If you still throwing together a Mid-FL tourney, I’m down. I think I’ll be hyped if a good turn-out shows up for HDR. I’m tired of decimating randoms offline! LOL


Did not know that you were in floirda



I’m on ggpo the most since i prefer ST over HDR.


XBL: Velazul


360: Luken3ssmonster

I just started playing with Misteregotrip and RenoMD. Hit me up whenever. I’m on all the time doing something.


PSN: agent000

hit me up, HDR is a lot of fun


if anyone can tell me who “GoForBroke” is on GGPO I would love to know.


ktm0066 - in Tampa


Alright, I’m taking this one down too guys. Again, if anyone wants to do an MvC3 thread, please do.