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If you experience problems and find it easier to discuss it live, you can use the chat room here:
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SITE URL: GeneiJin87’s Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix LIVE

As a small contribution to the HDR community, I will organize a monthly online tournament event (if successful) that is open to all (including outside of NA) for the purpose of fun, recognition of the players, and the goal of improving one’s skills through experiencing different player styles.

I realize there are a multitude of problems that come with online play; cheating, latency, opinions and the like. However, nothing is on the line and one of the primary focus of this is to help improve how you think and react to all situations (i.e, your gameplay). You play better, you win more, and you enjoy the game more.

For those who want to get into the offline/online debate, I’ll just say now that there are some things I agree with and some things I don’t. Sure, there are environmental and mentality differences between the two which could have an affect on how you play, but if there’s anything online has shown me is that it has improved and molded my style of play through experiencing a vast amount of games with different players. It has taught me when to anticipate vs when to react; Thelo wrote a good article on that subject.

So stop trying to get into a heated argument and play already! …or don’t, either way it’s your decision and I’ll give you my respect for it.

As a personal note, this will also allow me to gauge the kind of competition that’s left on this game.

This event will take place on Sunday, April 24/11 at 10PM EST/7PM PST.

[]Remixed Mode
]Normal Timer (99 sec)
[]Best 2 out of 3 Rounds
]Default Game Speed (3)
[]Akuma Banned
]Best 2 out of 3 Games
[]Best 3 out of 5 Games (Semi-Finals)
]Best 4 out of 7 Games (Grand Finals)
[*]Character lock for winner

Subject to change
[]Random disconnects are handled via rematch at the score the game ended at
]No turbo or macro pads
[]If cheating is suspect, allow an authorized party to spectate (rematch 0-0)
]Report your match result immediately; any discrepancies are to be notified before your/your previous opponent’s next match starts, and authorized parties will decide on the matter
[*]Failing to play approximately 5 minutes after your match is announced to you results in disqualification.

I understand there are inconveniences; some are unable to have access to a computer and Xbox simultaneously, Xbox Live party function is limited, some don’t have microphones, and the Xbox onscreen keyboard is not the most efficient typing tool. Therefore, you can attend the chat located above (not mandatory) or send me messages on XBL (although it is limited to ~6 messages a day for non friends) or post in this thread.

[]Check this thread for bracket updates and announcements as often as you can.
I will update the bracket and have it at the top of this post as often as possible for those have conveniently have PC/laptop access nearby.
]I will send all participants their next match on Xbox Live via text message.
If I do not receive a match result within 5-7 minutes of sending the message, you are immediately disqualified – I do not want to be wasting anyone’s time and would like to keep a strict schedule. Please make sure your account is set to allow text and voice communications from everyone.
[]Send the winner of the match through Xbox Live via voice or text to GeneiJin87.
Sending just the name (full or abbreviated, as long as I can understand it) of the winner will suffice to keep things fast and short. No need to say “Player A won” or “Player B lost 2-1”.
]If there are problems, you can post it here or message on XBL
I’ll have access to a laptop nearby so I’ll be able to check back and forth very often. If I should be unavailable at the moment, TheloTheGreat is authorized to look into your situation and call the shots.


Sign ups close at 8PM EST on Sunday, April 24


although i am new to hdr and generally terrible at fighting games. count me in, hopefully playing this can help me understand spacing and footsies better. still i predict i get knock out in the first game haha.


Include me please. I would love to get better at this game.


I’ll be there. Thanks for doing this Genei, I hope you’re playing too, not just running it.


I’ll be there.

Don’t forget to set up some chat channel so we can coordinate more easily. Even XBL voice chat parties have a fairly low max limit, and not everyone has a microphone.


Bah, I will not be around much that day. Can’t do it :frowning:

If this continues I will try hard to join next months! I can use the experience.

GL with this, this is a great idea for bums like me to get some level of tournament play in.


Count me in. I need the practice.


I’ll play.


Thanks for the advice and reminder, Thelo. I’ve decided to forego any form of chatroom to make it a little less hectic; the details are at the bottom of the first post.


Im in…but we need more…

too short my ass


I’ll try to make it.


I’m in.


Sign me up.


Damn, haven’t been on the boards lately. Hey any room for fill-ins in case there’s no-shows?!?


Got you in Ego, no worries. I’ll leave sign ups open until an hour before it starts. Brackets will be uploaded during that last hour as well.


Sorry man, cant make it after all. Gotta step out and run some errands. Hopefully next time. Good luck with the tourney tonight.


It’s tomorrow, not tonight.


I’ll try.

XBGT: Kayroh


ohh, Me me me!

…since I didn’t realize there’s a tournament in ohio ._.;;


Everyone above this post has been sent a message on XBL pertaining to tonight’s event. If anyone above this post did not receive a message, please clear out your inbox, check your XBL privacy settings for text and voice communications is set to everyone, and make sure I’ve got your gamer tag correct.

The event is taking place tonight, Saturday, January 22nd at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. Please be on time, I am aiming to get this cleared within an hour to an hour and a half – I will promptly disqualify your current match if there is no activity within 5 minutes, or if there is no result within 10 minutes (Semi and Grand Finals excluded).

Finally, if there are any questions please ask before this event starts, if possible. Thanks, hope to see everyone there.