HDR Player Rating Forumula

I was just wondering if anyone could offer any insight regarding how the PS3 player rating Formula is tabulated in HDR. I’ve been looking all over for it but i haven’t found it yet (and if it is somewhere in SRK, could anyone kindly point me to it since i’m blind as a bat trying to find it?) I’ve always wondered how the thing is tabulated. Is it by margin of victory, rank of player defeated, combos done in a fight. . .? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

It’s definitely based on skill / who you beat I can tell you this much. I don’t keep logs or anything on my leader board page because that would be cheating in my opinion. Previosly the FalSkill_Mu FalSkill_Sigma never differed it was always something like 2.28 but it’s differentiating now so I will include this.


One thing that’s could be misleading in this post is this

because people you defeat are outside the game in HDR

I don’t know if Remix is using the same Trueskill system but it’s something similar.

Yeah, Remix definitely uses the Trueskill algorithm. So the only things that matter is whether you win or lose your match, your own ranking stats (mu and sigma) and the ranking stats of your opponent (his mu and sigma).

PS3 STHD doesn’t use the TrueSkill formula, certainly not 100%; it rewards players with points far more heavily early on but then subtracts too much from a loss later on (so players who’ve gone perfect in 10 games are ranked at the top and better players who have a flawed but excellent record in 1000 games can’t ever surpass 4000 points).

The 360 version on the other hand seems to accurately use TrueSkill and span the correct range up to 5000, not punishing players who may play 1000 games but slowly have a reduced win rate.

I’d even go further and say that the “drop formula” matters more in the PS3 version where the more droppers you unluckily encounter, the worse your rating will be no matter how well you’ve played your other games. Unless you know how to recover from a drop without getting an “L” (as some droppers seem to know), there’s an automatic 50% chance you get handed the loss. And those dropped losses by weaklings affect your rating way more than losing to an actual player who has at least an off chance to beat you.

This happens periodically in the 360 version as well but the Live server arbitration is far better and you get the win from drops a large majority of the time.