HDR PS3 - Worth It?

I have a friend who is willing to gameshare HDR with me for PS3. Should I even bother? I’m only interested because I want to see how much the superior d-pad improves my play with the charge characters.


Get a stick and stay on XBL. Serious. I have both versions and I never touch the PS3 version.

If you’ve used the PS3’s dpad before, and you prefer it over the XBOX’s dpad, I would say definitely go for it. If however, you have never used the PS3 dpad before, be warned. You may or may not like it. Some people say the diagonals are hard to use, although the majority agree it’s better than XBOX’s dpad. Personally, I love it, and have been using that dpad since switching to consoles in 2000 or so. Although the best dpad IMO is Sega Saturn, PS3 is a close second.

Not even when the 360 RRODs?

Well, backup HDR is nice, but that’s all it should be seen as :lol:

stud - can you tell me why its so bad? Details???

ROFL. True, true. Tho you wouldn’t need a backup if the 360 was reliable. I’m thinking I might as well get a second 360 as backup tho.

Offline: Inputs during matches sometimes drop. Controller configuration settings randomly get lost.

Online: The entire experience is just inferior to the XB360 version. Most specifically the player matches have a high tendancy to bomb out after a few rounds and ranked matches bomb out a lot, if you can even get connected with someone.

Regarding 360 hardware issues, Jasper models are comparable to other consoles now with a trivial risk of RROD. So stability isn’t an issue with 360s from this year and beyond.

You should know by now I won’t let conjecture like that drop. Is there any obvious situation where inputs have dropped? I’ve seen nothing of the sort.

Controller configurations randomly get lost when controllers are switched on both consoles; it doesn’t only happen on the PS3. If folks played in more offline 360 tourneys, they’d see it happen.

Get it for backup just in case, but alot of the good PSN players are switching, ITS THAT BAD.

Inputs during offline matches sometimes drop? Has that been confirmed? That would seem crazy since they use PS3’s at all the major tournaments (though I still think they should switch to 360’s).

How well does the PS3’s built-in WiFi work? I was thinking of picking up a PS3 in the next few months and I will probably have it hooked to a different TV than my 360. If HDR already has trouble dropping matches on PS3 would it be worse without a wired connection? Is there still a decent amount of people that play? I’ll probably play on PS3 when the wife is watching TV on the the one the 360 is hooked to.

Then I’ll just need a stick :(.

It happened to Sirlin at Evo. He blogged about it on his site. If the head developer of the game said it, I believe it.

Sounds like you should re-read that post. He only complained about the recorded TV having lag. He heard second-hand that Watson and Choi were having dp reversal issues against Ryu’s c.HP on wakeup. He conjectured that it could have been an input issue or perhaps nothing at all. It could still be an input lag issue for all I know but Sirlin didn’t mention Daigo or Funi noticing lag like they did for the recorded TV.

After hearing about the reversal issue, I tested reversals against Ryu’s c.HP on the PS3 version and didn’t experience any problems. You’re free to try the same. For ease, you can just set the turbo button on and get a dp every time.

Given that his other 2 conjectures weren’t correct (he talked about the reseting inputs, which is in both platforms; and a seemingly different speed, which I’ve proven to be the exact same; he’s right about PSN’s netcode being worse but that’s not an offline issue), it’s hard to take any assumptions of his with full certainty. Remember that he also promised the same speed as the arcade version, which isn’t the case, and of course CCC2 wasn’t the 100% emulation it was cracked up to be.

I don’t mean to insult Sirlin but I just wanted to make clear that the head developer isn’t 100% aware of his product specifications, esp. ports where he may have contributed little. It’s surprising too because you’re in a situation where you can easily test both platforms for yourself and validate my findings instead of relying on seemingly incorrect secondhand reports.

Ganelon’s right. The only problems I’ve had with PS3 Remix is online, never offline. I believe that both consoles experience the same problems offline (if any).

Except for the whole button config thing…

What button config thing? The only PS3-specific control issue I’ve encountered is that rarely, the PS3 accidentally uses player slots 2 & 3 when controllers are switched instead of slots 1 & 2, which are the only ones usable. That’s immediately noticeable though because the player at slot 3 won’t be able to even select a character.

The button config problem you’re referring to happens on both consoles.

Then why did they make it out to sound like it was PS3 only?

I haven’t heard anyone say it happened on the xbox version.


He insinuated input loss. I’ve heard of other reports on the matter in this forum too. Granted they seem very infrequent.

xbox > ps3 for this game from my experience. Dont bother.

You mean when he was talking about missing rekka kens in the same paragraph where he was talking about illusory speed differences? Anytime I’ve seen input loss mentioned, I also see speed differences and/or controller issues being mentioned. And since both of those have been confirmed to be identical on either platform, what am I supposed to believe for the 3rd? :confused: