HDR Ragequitters



I’ve had more time to spare recently, so i decided i’d contribute with SOMETHING.
Ragequitters i have always had , however … It isn’t until now that i’ve decided i’d record some and put it on youtube. The list isn’t too big right now but it’s gonna grow over time. Feel free to post your own videos or share your thoughts regarding the RQers in question.



Nice work. Wish all these obnoxious losers had their consoles jammed offa Live. We pay good money to have a gaming service that’s supposed to be pleasant and fair. I’d expect this shit on free PSN, but not XBL.

This guy kept dropping and picking Akuma the other night: xIBLACKIISTARIx = trash! There’s a lot of them out there. Treating this game experience with such contempt, it’s despicable.


lol yeah! sadly XBL is full of losers. But i guess it’s like that everywhere really. I myself recently came back on XBL after having played ST on ggpo for about 2 weeks.The level of competition is MUCH higher over there. Like no scrubs complaining about this or that. But i still prefer HDR in front of ST.

GG’s earlier btw :slight_smile:


I just tried to get on GGPO but the games won’t connect. I can’t get my head round HDR. Had it for years now, but barely play it. Chun Li really seems to have got the short straw in it. Characters like T. Hawk and Fei Long seem virtually unbeatable now :xeye:


Have you forwarded your ports? If not just get on the ggpo site and they’ll have a link to another page which tells you exactly what 2 do.
I think chun’s upkick got nerfed , but that’s it though. she is still really good :slight_smile:
Give it some more time , there are a bunch of good hawks and fei’s out there. You’ll learn the matchups as long as you keep playing.


The ip is dynamic, so it’s kinda tricky. It used to work, and my OS and config is all still the same (XP). Live was just plug and play, and I get a green NAT symbol on 3sOE. I am still hoping for straight ports of ST, and the Alphas, onto the modern consoles… seems like easy money for Cap, and Lord knows they like that dollar/yen.

Anyhow, I’m a jump on HDR in like half an hour GMT, see if anyone wants some Classic action. Added quite a few tags the last week just through this. It’s not ideal, but at least it’s a lot quicker than SFIV, and generally more stick friendly.


If anybody wants to play Classic, I’m gonna open up a lobby this Sunday coming up. Once in the morning (10am EST/7am PAC), and once in the evening (10pm EST/7pm PAC).

If you want to join, sign up in this thread.

Good games to you earlier.


Sorry bud, I’m away on holiday later on today. Will be around another week for some Classic, for sure. You and that VOLTECH guy are absolute powerhouses at this, good sets! I gotta up my fromage game, lean forward and play with greater intensity :sweat: :shake:


Got on for about 15 mins tonight and managed to get some COOL FOOTAGE !

Stellar zero and Johnyrainbow1

Rupert is back (lol)

aaaaaaaand that’s about it. Still hopping between ST and HDR so i’m obviously not on xbox as often. But i would be interested in playing some classicmode if you are still hosting lobbies blitz. Also… i never knew u played rog -___^


I don’t normally go into Ranked, but I wanted to get the ‘win with all characters’ achievement lol. This idiot kept popping up and quitting out: xXxJNCOKINGxXx
Sent very abusive messages as well, so had to double report for leaving early and terrible communication. I am an Ambassador on there, so hope they suspend him frankly, because that is just a trash way to behave. LastFrozen dropped, but I was using Akuma for this match (usually just use Chun) to unlock the trophy. He popped up again a few times, but then just stood there without dropping, bizarre. This one (alcool186) played a good shoto, but just manged to beat him then suddenly he went bezerk on the headset, so had to file complaint for obscene voice chat.
Seems kinda ridiculous you can’t even see the other person’s name when they join a Ranked match, or then remove them, like in SFIV. No idea what the ping rates are… what a mess o_O :frowning: