** HDR Revival! **

Ok everybody this is just a rough draft of an idea I have about bringin back HDR! I notice a good amount of people that still play HDR online through XBL and PSN. All of you online players only, this HDR community really needs your help for this to happen. So what active players/viewers/fans of HDR would LOVE to see the following happen sometime soon AND be willing to participate in it if it ever got the chance??

[FONT=times new roman]HDR Tournaments hosted by - ???

4 Events per year (3 Preliminaries, 1 Main)

Preliminary Event Locations - West Coast
East Coast

Main Event Location - Midwest (Chicago)

$25 Entry Fee per Prelim Event
$50 Entry Fee per Main Event
$10 Venue Fee per Event

Percentage Payouts - 64/22/14 for 1 - 20 Entrants (Top 3)
62/20/12/10/8 for 21 - 60 Entrants (Top 5)
60/18/10/8/6/6/5 for 61 - 100 Entrants (Top 8)

Example: 20 Entrants for Prelim Event X $25 Entry Fee = $500 Prize Pot

1st = 64% = $320
2nd = 22% = $110
3rd = 14% = $70

Example 2: 60 Entrants for Main Event X $50 Entry Fee = $3,000 Prize Pot

1st = 62% = $1,860
2nd = 20% = $600
3rd = 12% = $360
4th = 10% = $300
5th = 8% = $240

Ranking System - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th receive points

1st = 10 points
2nd = 7 points
3rd = 5 points
4th = 3 points

*At the end of the year the 4 people with the most points are seeded in the Main Event

*The person with the most points receives FREE entry to the Main Event AND a bonus! (Cash/Arcade Stick/Controller etc.)

Hopefully Live Streaming & Sponsors (PLEASE Focus Fire??)

Console - X360/PS3 (Community Vote wins from ATTENDING Players)

but u r supposed to be retired from SF?

I will happily participate in this once I don’t live in South Korea anymore!


Hells yeah!

I don’t think there is enough preference for HDR in the Midwest or EC for this to work there, but doing something for the community would be great to try.

Just in case anyone missed it in the tournament thread, HDR is an official main tournament game at Devastation again this year. That’s goin’ down in a week and a half. Be there or be O.Blanka.

But oblanka can j.lk sim’s slide.

-trolls suck-

They said it was dead…But Royal Plush Broguth it back!!!

No but seriously its a good idea but you know our HD community sucks even when it was around no one really cared I ran ranbats and traveled 3 hours to run them and people who lived 20 minutes from the venue never even went… HDR is dead its just for fun now R.I.P.

I would be extremely surprised if this amounted to anything at all.

Pleasantly surprised, but still very surprised.

Yeah Mongolo I know what you mean about the community support which is why this is really my last hope for the game haha…

Hey I’m also curious to hear from anyone on how they think changing or adding somethin to my OP could make it even better!

For what it’s worth, I’d be interested (and would participate in) an east coast event.

phlush, you already know im down!!!

Hell yeah freeway!

Iv retired and counting down to 2012 and soul calibur 5 but id like to give my support to Phlush for this. If anyone can pull it off its plush.

Id love to see a huge pot being offered at evo to force people to play the game. Sadly its all about money and advertising but i feel remix can return.

For me it will always be the greatest version of SF.

Peace guys

I’m definitely down and am more than willing to do whatever it takes to see this come to fruition. Haters are gonna hate and try and do all they can to convince HDR heads that it’s a worthless endeavor. All I know is this is my game and for better or worse I’m standing by it. It’s a crying shame our community can’t muster half the effort that ST heads do to represent and prove our skills are a force to be reckoned with in the fighting community. I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into this to contend at a competitive level. And speaking from experience against the community of fighters we have, I KNOW I’m not the only one. Yet, everyone insists to themselves that they only play for S&G’s or for fun or whatever other excuse they can come up with to explain why they don’t try and compete at a professional level. Meanwhile you’ve got ST loyalists (who IMO are no better than us) showin up in droves to every event and pushing to keep ST at the forefront of 2D fighters on the scene. It’s time to make the countless hours spent “playing for fun” and leveling up mean something. The ST community does it, so why the fuck shouldn’t we? Are we inferior? Fucking RoyalPhlush beat Valle at MWC, Voltech knocked JWong into losers at WCW3…Fuckin Snakeeyez beat Daigo and went on to win EVO 2010! ALL HDR players. Do we not have just as much a right to claim our legitimacy as true masters of our craft as Old School ST players do? Better yet, don’t we OWE it to ourselves to prove it? Just think of all the true, unsung talents we have in our community. Of the countless sessions filled with heavy hitters and all the epic moments we have the capacity of producing to the fighting community. We deserve our share of the stage. Are we really going to allow all our efforts to amount to nothing but afterthoughts of a forgotten and would-be generation of fighters who were just fascinated with playing the “wrong game?” Fuck. That. Let’s do something damn it. EST- let’s go. Rice - let’s go. BloodyRed - let’s go.** Ego** - Let’s go.** Hop Vo** - let’s go. DJ Reign - let’s go. League of Fighters, YGGBU, NHC, OVC, WHC…whoever-the-fuck-“C.”…stop sleepin and** LET’S-FUCKING-GO.**

Haha Had0-King for the MOTHAFUCKIN win!

So. . .

Make it happen.

-trolls suck-

There’s this guy who used to have Dr. B quotes all the time. I have no idea who he is, but if he has money to travel to these, he will, because he wants to play HDR in person and get better. He only has a 360 stick though.

You didn’t see me.

LOL how did specs get banned?