HDR @ SB5... Saturday Night's Main Event (ok it's a side event)


For the people who are going to “SB” this year there no HDR. Just a $50 dollar entry for ST on cab. Which i found wierd.

if you guys are going and, want to get it on the docket you better post on the “SB” thread.



Yeah we already know. I talked to Ghaleon about it. I gave him a (polite) piece of my mind about it. He was very respectful and made his points… but like all Ohio State grads couldn’t see the light in front of his face lol. Thelo is coming down and we’re going to run on 360 our own HDR tourney at SB.


He also ran an ST side tourney on cab at Evo. On an intellectual level, I’m more concerned about prizes for anything beyond third place in a simple double-elimination format. Regardless, his house - his rules.


Yeah I’ll be running HDR as a side tourney at Season’s Beatings. It’s officially a “side tourney” but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets more entrants / hype than many “main” games, heh.


Which reminds me, I’m very happy to see the ST/HDR issue being handled in a more constructive manner than ‘one or the other - you must chose’.


$50? Jesus. I love me some Street Fighter, but that is a ridiculous entry fee. Losing HDR is big, but that entry fee will probably make SB lose ST stalwarts too.


Unfortunately I doubt it. In the midwest, I am definitely in the minority in the HDR / ST debate and so many people have clamored for ST and the high stakes format… I bet it at least gets 32 people at 50 a piece. That would make for a 1600.00 total pot which would be the equivalent of a 160 man tournament at 10.00 a piece. I think there’s logic to the high stakes, just not for choosing arcade ST over the current tournament standard HDR for SF2… but Ghaleon and I already went around and around on this and like it was said… his house, his rules and I have nothing but respect for their ability to run their event… whatever personal disagreements I have aside.


Yeah I personally think it’s fine to make a high stakes tourney, for once. It’s not like we are in dire need of more 10$ tourneys in general, so it seems okay to deviate from that base every now and then. I’ll enter that 50$ ST tourney myself.

HDR will remain “normal-priced” at 10$ though. So between the two tourneys, we’ll have a shot at both old ST and HDR, and both high-stakes and regular price. Just another reason for all of you guys to come to SB and get in the hype. :wink:


I’d advise anyone who posts in this thread before bothering to read what people have already said about the SB:R decision to do so before posting claims along the lines of “this is ridiculous” “nobody is going to play ST for $50” etc. Silver Rain you presented no light outside of “Well I think HDR is better, so you should run it” and seem to have completely ignored all objective, empirical facts I gave you regarding the decision.

SB is not a tournament about getting bodies to fill a bracket, it’s about trying to recruit the best possible talent from around the country and run games according to what the players tell us they want. A high-stakes tournament is not designed to get 200 people, it’s designed to get the 50-or-less best players in the country in one event in the version/hardware they prefer.

I’ll make one post here to recap: no game but SSFIV should be run be default these days, and HDR’s tournament numbers and standing within the EC/MW community among players who travel and support majors has decreased greatly since release, especially this year. (Evo is Evo – a game can get 200 people there where in most majors it can get 10-30.)

Like for ALL games, those who support their favorite games should come out and support it in tournament, as Thelo has agreed to do. We schedule space for side games and we’re fine with Thelo handling HDR for anyone who wants in, and we love the community support, which is what SB is built on. We wouldn’t be running GG/BB/XvSF as main games and allow the featured side games if we hadn’t done our homework and talked to dozens of top playes from each scene, and were 100% sure their respective communities will come out and travel for them. I’m hopeful the HDR-specific scene will do the same, and I know the WC is much bigger on HDR than this half of the country and we have some bigtime WC interest in playing both.

P.S. OP, the name of the tournament is “Season’s Beatings: Redemption” – I have the sneaking suspicion you aren’t interested in attending in the first place, regardless of the games list, nor will most of the people who will be in this thread complaining. The only thing different about HDR than at other majors is it won’t be on the “main” games list. People are coming to play it; there will be a tournament for it; it will have as good as or likely better comp than most of this years’ other tournies.


Okay, if it came across that way I apologize. I will say again that I understand your reasoning and your decision. If it came across that I was saying “You should run HDR 'cause I like it better.” that’s not what I was trying to convey at all. If that’s what came across I genuinely apologize. My personal concern isn’t one of economics, I’m an economist for a living, I understand that there are efficiencies of scale to running a high stakes ST tournament in the midwest in comparison to HDR. I live here, I know how hard it is to get other people here to play HDR. My concern is larger than that and really goes to what is a fight for what SF2 should be going forward.

So let me be 100% clear to anyone who reads this thread. I am in no way intentionally or actively trying to put down SB:R, its leadership (Ghaleon and Fugee), and I completely 100% respect and understand their decision in regards to putting Arcade ST as a main game.

More than anything I want people to know that while I disagree with the decision, you are entitled to make it, and i still want to hype your event because everyone knows its amazing and deserves their support.


Jesus, I hope Snake Eyez enters ST and kills everyone again so we can finally end the debate. It’s also going to be interesting to see how the HDR-only players, if they enter ST, will fare against the older crowd.


Redemption? Who is being redeemed?

What was their sin?


I failed to understand your point.

If that happens, it only proves that Snake Eyez is a gdlk player.

It doesn’t reflect anything regarding HDR vs ST, or can change people’s opinion regarding their love/hate with HDR/ST.


Agreed that this is not gonna end any debates. The only thing that will do that is if old-ST-only players stop hating on HDR, and if HDR-only players don’t hate on old-ST (though I’ve never seen any HDR players hating on ST).


i dunno about you…but i interpreted that as him referring to the people who came into the “congratulations to snake eyez for winning HDR” thread and basically shitting on him saying he couldnt do that in ST.




I’m sorry i was not putting thais up so that there could be a fuss about, which game is better and, which game does what. I am fairly sure that SB is putting up VST because of SBO has lit the fire to make people want to play VST again. Which is cool. I dont understand on why both could not be main since both game from start to finish should take like 2 hours with like 30 people per game.


ST at SB = Sick! Side -by -side Cab or Jap. Cab?


I heard head-to-head mentioned, which is awesome (because it removes factors outside the game itself, like listening/watching for inputs). Unfortunately, it turns out I have a wedding to attend that Sat. so my chances of participating in this epic event have plummeted. :sad:


^^^ Fail, Ganelon… Epic Fail… :razz: