HDR speeds (USA)

The game seems slower than SSF2T dreamcast or arcade when HDR is on the default speed 3. Speed 4 seems like a closer match in terms of speed. What will Evo or other tournaments use as the basis for the speed?

Speed 3 in HDR is slower than US Speed 2, I don’t think there is any equivalent to US or Japanese arcade speeds with Remix mode, I guess we need a video to confirm if Classic mode speeds are similar to the Dreamcast version.

Also consider that Dreamcast/HDR don’t have random speeds depending on stage like the arcade version.

It doesn’t really matter to me that the new default speed 3 is different from whatever other speeds exist in various versions of ST. This is essentially a new game, so getting used to a different speed shouldn’t be a big deal.

However, what I don’t get is why the speed seems *way *different between online and offline at the same setting. Offline speed 3 feels way slower than online speed 3. I only noticed this in the past few weeks after going to a couple of HDR tournaments, because I spend 99% of my time playing online.

Has this been known for a while? Did anyone post a bug to Capcom about it? It’d be fantastic if this was fixed in the patch. I don’t care which speed is used, I’d just like it to be consistent.

Online speed is random, depends on the connection just like how sometimes games on GGPO feel slower even at speed 3.

But that’s what seems odd to me. If it was like GGPO, where it slowed down during a really laggy match I could understand it being due to the netcode trying to catch up. But in HDR online always seems faster, regardless of what the ping is.

Yep, I had the same impression when Remix first dropped. Online speed 3 is roughly the same as offline speed 4, but way faster than offline speed 3. Don’t know what’s up with that, but should be the other way around.

When comparing game footage, HDR Speed 3 appears to match Japanese Arcade Speed 3 pretty much perfectly. If anything, it’s the console ports of ST that are too fast.

As for online; the rollback/smoothing probably just makes it seem faster.