HDR video archive idea

Basically I’m asking the community if this is something that would be at all beneficial to HDR and to help give us a hub to help the game grow a little more. I want to create a HDR video archive as personally I have found it incredibly tedious either searching through the HDR video thread for good matches, or even going to the lengths of search through all the garbage videos on YouTube to find a single good match with the characters I desire being played.

The concept itself is very similar to that of StreetFighterDojo but I wish to expand up on it purely focusing on HDR. StreetFigherDojo has some features that I think are fantastic, giving you matches between good players and allowing you to find the match up between character X vs character Y that you desire. The thing I think that would hold this back if I was purely to just do this for HDR is there’s only a handful of top players and a some of those players are only online players which some people don’t regard as top players due to this fact. On top of that It gives no medium for the lower skilled players to start being recognized for their ability, which is something that would be impossible for SSF4 due to the sheer amount of scrubby players, unlike HDR where the majority of players are quite capable of holding their own.

The website would have sections for each character and a match up of your choosing with the link to the YouTube video in the match-up name, this gives the uploaded the credit they deserve allowing the viewer to search through their videos as they are not just embedded on the site. On top of that due to the idea of also involving lower skilled players I think it would make sense to add a wee thumbs up thumbs down system so you can help filter out some of those terrible matches. Unlike StreetFigherDojo I think it would be a nice idea to have subsections for maybe tutorials, combo videos and tourneys. I think specifically the tourney section would be good as it makes players more aware of the constant tournaments going on that aren’t always posted on the HDR section on Shoryuken.

I myself have been a ST/HDR player since 2007 (by no means OG) and on top of that have been a graphics design student for a long time so I have the ability to create this. My ability with website creation is also helped by the fact that I have about two months off course so I have lots of spare time to nuke into this idea. I’ve already started archiving videos and working on templates, so I hope to bring an element of professionalism to the site instead of it being some Free-Webs trash…

Bit word heavy I know but it was just a concept I thought I’d throw out there for other people to take a wee look at and comment on. If its deemed pointless and unnecessary then whatever, I’ll just scrap it.

Go for it.

Sounds like a great idea.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Sounds good, I’m sure the community will get behind this.