HDTV/Component Lag With Fighting Games

Hey folks
Figure this would be the best place to inquire/remedy my situation. I’ve been a heavy 3rd Strike player for years at home, until I recently upgraded to a HDTV. Unfortunately my Xbox/360 SF:Anniversary Collection is nigh unplayable with the millisecond delay from an HDTV’s signal. I noticed, the Dreamcast versions of other capcom games I play “CVS2/MVC2” played perfectly with no delay at all, and looked fantastic using a VGA adaptor directly into the HDTV. But 3rd Strike is horrible on the Dreamcast, almost a different game. With your folks’ experience if anyone has used it, would the use of the Xbox 360 VGA adapter eliminate my delay problem? Or perhaps another way to fix the situation?
Thanks much

There’s an entire (huge) thread on this in the tech talk forum. …also, you have a lot of vaguely odd information. Playing anniversary collection on 360 should have 0 lag on an HDTV, if your resolution is set correctly on the 360. Also, if any of your games lag on the dreamcast, they all lag on the dreamcast. It’s not game specific.

But yeah, go read the thread. Tons of information there.