HDTV Frame skip with older consoles... sometimes


Hey everyone. I’m noticing that whenever I try to play my NES/SNES on my HDTV, it drops like every other frame. This gets really obnoxious in games where your character flashes after being hit to show that you’re still under hit invincibility or whatever, because you turn basically invisible during that time.

The weird thing is, if I turn the system on and off enough times, SOMETIMES It’ll start up the game and it’ll look completely normal, no dropped frames.

I assumed it was some upscaling thing, but would it work sometimes if that was the case? Just curious what’s going on here, or to see if anyone knows a fix thatll make it not frameskip. Most Google searches for old consoles on HDTV just got me people complaining about picture quality.

The TV’s a Samsung (Don’t know model number offhand,but I can get it if you think that’d help), problem persists both using RF, AV, and AV via an external RF modulator box. I know the SNES can do RGB output, but I actually left that with my dad the last time I went home, so it’s just NES options for now.



Have you tried throwing it through a VCR? So NES -> VCR -> TV?
Also, can you tell your TV to “Just Scan”? (My Samsung has that as one of the picture options on some inputs.)


newer HDTV’s are picky when it comes to input signals. Couple in the fact that HDTVs don’t have a 240p setting (the setting on most older consoles) so instead it interprets the 240p signal like a 480i. Which only has the framerate of 29.97/30 fps. Ergo you lose half your frames. You’re basically lucky that you even get a signal on those older games.


So when did it start going in as 480i? N64/PS1?