Hdtv keep turning itself off

i just bought a Panasonic Viera TC-L23U22

seen here

i set it all up 360 and my basic cable to it and turned it on to do the basic setup and it turned itself off automatically and the red LED in the front keeps flashing

any help?

Read your manual, it’ll tell you what the flashing Light means

if it’s still in warranty panasonic will fix it for you, they have GREAT customer service.

if it’s still within the return policy (usually 30 days) then take it back to best buy and get a new one instead

manual doesn’t say anything about a flashing light

It does in mine but I’m not about to dig it out when you have all of google at your disposal

not to mention the best solution will be to just return it

Happened with my Samsung, was due to a switch inside the bulb housing that flips off when the TV gets too hot. Sometimes it happens for false reasons… After I went in and reset the switch, the problem hasn’t popped up again.

really cause i have air conditioning (summer time) and a fan (winter time) so the tv shouldn’t get that hot

i have warranty on this so i’ll just return it for now

He’s saying that it’s detecting falsely.

^ Correct

Then what should I do?

If you can return it, I would just do that… If it is a hassle to return, I would begin looking up info on your specific model and see if others had the same issue. Chances are you will find instructions like I did to fix your issue.

when i returned it they tested it an told me it was a defective tv so i did an exchange and now the new one i have works

request a lock plz