HDTV or square CRT ? Can a t


Hey guys I just want to know if I should upgrade my tb to am HDTV widescreen…

I own an old fat tv CRT at home
So I’m pretty used to the spacing and footsies through a square resolution

However I went to the arcade today and I found it quite troubling to play on those widescreen displays

The whole AA game is entirely different…

So I wanted to ask a few questions

  1. are widescreen displays the norm for tourneys?
  2. does ssf4 run better on CRT or LCD monitors?
  3. does the CRT have a frame delay than the LCD widescreen?
  4. can the different of a square tv and a HDTV put you at a disadvantage if your not used to it? Or do I just suck?
  5. should I upgrade TV to a widescreen HDTV or should I not?

Edit: sorry I accidentally entered the post thread button before finishing… Please give me a sec to write it out. iPhone kb sucks…


From what I’ve seen, tourney’s use wide screens now. I think you should just upgrade, it took me a while to get used to a lot of games from the new wide screen format, but I think in the end you’ll enjoy more viewing area and better graphics. Just dont forget HDMI/component cables.


if you’re worried about lag

http://shoryuken.com/f177/new-definitive-hdtv-lag-faq-174085/ again I must reiterate what’s said like 50 times in that thread, lag isn’t advertised on TVs, you must test them yourself or use special equipment to reduce lag. also ALL HDTVs lag, even the monitors used at evo have a half-frame of lag or so.

regular old big-fat tube TVs are ideal for SSF4, but most of the time there will be many different set ups at most tournaments - flat screens also have nicer picture quality and don’t weigh 300 pounds.

again, response time =/= lag, just because a TV says it has 2ms response time doesn’t mean it doesn’t lag - you ** must ** test them out yourself** do not ** spam boards asking if they can find you a TV for you.

also, never take people’s word on stuff like this unless you want to waste money/time, just because someone says they have X TV and it never lags when they play rockband or wii sports or whatever doesn’t mean it doesn’t lag. You must test it yourself or find tests online somewhere.

edit: evo monitors are always a good choice if you’re okay with having a smaller display.