HDTV Picture Quality Getting Worse?

I have a Sharp Aquos LC-32AD5. Had it for almost three years now, and I never knew about the proper calibration techniques so I never did them.

Lately, the picture quality has been on a decline. I first noticed it while playing games on my PS3, but now I’m starting to see it in the digital broadcast channels as well. The picture just seems to be a bit blurry/pixelated, with a bit of aliasing. I called the repair center today, but they told me that they can’t really make an accessment unless they actually see the TV for themselves.

Before I get to the point where I summon a repairman, I was just wondering if it is possible for the quality on a HDTV to start failing, what some of the possible factors are, and if there’s anything I can do on my end to correct it. I’ve tried searching for info on the web, but most of it is geared towards initial maintainence, or problems of a different nature.

first question is it an LCD, dlp, plasma? I’m guessing LCD by the model number and as far as I know that shouldn’t happen usually ok an LCD you will have dead pixels or the lamps will die I haven’t heard of an LCD just losing sharpness. it could just be that its a sharp. But I’m not an expert.

Sharp is an amazing company and makes fabulous TV’s so it’s not the company for sure. It’s gotta be an individual problem.

(I’m assuming from the first sentence of your post that you’re now using the built-in menus to optimize the image, and that settings would not be an issue.)

I’m certainly no expert but blurry as a problem by itself does seem odd. Sorry to ask the silly question: any chance it might seem less clear/crisp because the picture is darker than before?

I don’t recall changing the settings in between the time I first started to notice the change in clarity. I am using the built-in settings now, but most sites I’ve read up on strongly discourage those as they “torch” the TV. I’m going to try using some of the settings guidelines I’ve read about around the web.

It doesn’t really look like a setting problem though. It looks almost like I’m watching the content on the TV but not from a HD source.

Well the torching of the TV is generally geared towards some of the factory settings. Like on mine I have 4 settings I believe.

But the only one of those that “torch” it is the dynamic because that setting usually has the contrast all of the way up which apparently burns out the bulb faster or something.

Ironicly that doesn’t affect my old CRT computer monitor which always has its contrast all of the way up, so I’m not sure exactly true that is.

the reason for the sharp comment is I used to work at ultimate electronics in car audio and the home guys would always joke about how shitty they were. I dont have any real knowledge about it I was just repeating what I heard.

Just call the repairman. I had a problem with my Samsung and I called them in. Tv was acting really wonky especially when I would turn it off the screen would turn into a rainbow. I just disregarded it, until one day I turned the tv off and on the left hand side of the screen about 2 inches wide static was present. On the other side of the screen the picture was normal.

Well I called the repairman and they came in to pick it up. They went and started messing around with the board and they ended up making it worse. Samsung called and gave me a brand new tv.

So in conclusion just call them they might even give you a brand new tv.

I’ve been using my TV on dynamic for the past few years, I think.

I’m nearly convinced somethings wrong now, I was watching a digital broadcast last night, and noticed that lights/glowing effects are kind of pixelated/unfocused, and smoke looks…foggy? In general, the picture just isn’t that clear anymore.