HDTV Recommendation thread

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In this thread we give recommendations/justifications to people looking at picking up a new HDTV. The only thing I ask is that you post up your price range and the desired size. Any additional details (such as make/model) will also be helpful.

I’ll go first…

$800-$1000, 40 inches+

I’m looking at Panasonic, Samsung, or Sony. Anything 40 inches and above is the target. I have heard good things about the Panny vierra line of HDTVs having minimal lag while playing games. Anybody have any recommendations?

I recommend this Sony 40" KDL-40XBR6 1080p 120hz LCD HDTV for $1000 bucks, the blacks ARE BLACK!! the colors are rich and vibrant. nice feature.

Dont pay more for a tv if has more dynamic contrast.Dynamic contrast means nothing.