HDTV to run Laptop video feed from HDMI Port?

So when i first got my HDTV the first thing I checked out was plugging my laptop into the TV. It worked really easy, jus plugged it in and my desktop showed up on my Telly. Now that I actually want to WATCH? something though it wont appear at all. I showed up for about 5 seconds then dissapeared. Any ideas anyone? Wouldreally like to watch th evo stream from the comfort of my couch on the big TV instead of on my puny little laptop sceen.

I’ve been running Evo on my tv from my computer. It’s pretty sweet but, I think I burned in the SF4 life bars and Evo Logos onto my plasma TV. Tough luck.

Post what model laptop and Tv you’re using. It sounds like your laptop is outputting a resolution that your TV can’t handle but it could also be some HDCP issues.

It’s a Lenovo N 500 (the Laptop) and the TV is a Panasonic Viera. Sorry to hear about those lifebars man that sucks.