HDTV video filter for old games

Does anyone make a device that can take a SD video signal and add A grid effect over it to emulate a SDtv. Lots of old games (nes,snes,arcade) look like ass on a HDTV.

But I remember using Mame on mac and they had a filters that did not blur or smudge the graphics it just replicated the look of a old screen with each pixel fitting into the faux-Sd grid.

Anyone know of anything like this, or HDtv’s with a feature like this?

Playing old games on a HDTv is painful and blur effects just make it worse.

Are you talking about emulating scan lines? I don’t know of any TV that has that kind of mode. The only thing that I know that can do it is the actual emulator or games like SFIII on the DC.

Yeah those work so well, way better than anti-aliasing filters.

If I hacked a orginal xbox does the emulaters on that offer that filter?

Just speaking from what I’ve read rather than experience.

You very well may be better off with a modded Xbox because it can output 480p (or higher). It shouldn’t be subject to the upscaling rape that your TV does to SD content.

There are also (pricey?) upscaling boxes that perform the same task.