HDTVs - Lag

Recently got a new TV. It’s a sony 60 inch rear-projection TV

Specs here

I’m kind of worried it will effect my practice in video games though, being a serious gamer and all. Friend of mine told me that HDTVs lag. Is that true? If so, is there a way to prevent it from lagging?

rear projections HDTVs may lag. regular CRT HDTVs don’t lag.

what are the chances of that lagging though? It hasn’t arrived yet. Since it’s 60 inch, i’m thinking the chances are way high of it lagging on me.

I’ve a Sony 60 inch LCD widescreen vega and it doesnt lag. Its the Samsung DLP TV’s that have been known to lag.

oh really? so sony TVs in general dont lag? at all??? Thats really good news.

EGM magazine has a small section in one of their previous mags regarding this.
It seems that if the picture quality for the tv is at 720p/1080i, you will get input lag. The tv in the link you gave can run at lower quality samples so I think you won’t get any (db check by doing some research cuz I’m not 100% sure on this).
Also, PS3 won’t have this problem because it already runs at 720p/1080i.
If I find the mag in the morning I’ll post more.

I was playing SSBM on my HDTV and I swear to god Pikachu has a cloak of invisibility or something, whenever he runs it’s like he lags and leaves a trail or something, he’s the only character that does it…

F*ckin wierd.

So for it to be able to not lag, i have to play at a lower setting?

No, it’s more likely it will lag if you’re playing in 480 modes, since the TV has to adjust to lower than its native resolution.

we’ll my main concern is, is this a good TV to play on. Will this TV lag? or is the only way to find out by playing?

From the page:

? Video
? Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080

This means the TV’s resolution is 1080i. It most likely will upscale a lower than 1080i signal to 1080i, which can mean “lag”.

What really happens is that your TV simply upscales the signal to 1080i. Depending on the TV, this can take very little time or something like a 1 second delay. I don’t think Sonys are known to have crappy upscalers though, so you should be fine.

I think its the technology more than the brand.

CRT, rear projection and LCD’s wont lag.

DLP and Plasma I’ve heard of lag issues.

The other problem that plasma tends to have is image burns, but I am hearing that it has been corrected.
anyway your rear projection should be ok as I know of.


I have a DLP projector which is not HD. Never had any lag with it.

/2 cents

-Bean I

Giant Screen HDTV’s are fucking overrated. My friend got this 60 Inch Sony HDTV, and the picture looks like complete shit. Everything looks jagged as hell. Screw Giant Screen HDTV’s.

If you play dreamcast on a new model big screen it will lag. The solution is to get a VGA box for you DC since they don’t make HighDefinition components for them. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 coming out are defualt to have them HD components. MANNNNN! the quality looks real good with a vga box on a big screen HD,DLP tv.

If you get a vga box for you dc it won’t lag…

Yeah it wasn’t my choice to order the TV, but we got it anyways. I personally would like to keep my old TV which was about 24 inch, not HDTV. But the family thought it was time for an upgrade for some random reason. And apparently this TV is saposed to be the best HDTV out there? O_o…

My family bought a Samsung 42 inch plasma screen a few months ago and it pretty much lags on every fighting game I’ve tried to play on it. Obviously only the games that support progressive scan and 16:9 and the like look FANTASTIC on it but I can’t invite people over for gatherings thanks to the lag.

I wish there was a way around it, anyone care to help?


Well Skimitar touched on a possible solution. If the lag is caused by the TV trying to scaling the image. Maybe you can get a VGA box or something to do the scaling for you.

I didn’t think of it when I posted before but my xbox is connected to my PC, then connected to the projector via VGA.

If your having problems with lag maybe this is a solution (if you’ve got a good video card, otherwise go with an external VGA box). Just make sure your outputting from the PC/Box in the TV’s native resolution.

-Bean I

thats what my friend ended up doing we ordered him a VGA box for his Samsung 60 HD, DLP, Progressive scan and all that other crap they have now;p but Nice tv none the less. The only thing is for other consoles you need the High Definition components cables like the ones that come with the Xbox 360, like I said they dont’ make those for Dreamcast…so VGA box works well, no lag whatsoever…we play MvC2 just fine now:wgrin: I didn’t read every post from the 1st page so not sure what console ya’ll are tyring to use.
oh…and it’s an external VGA box we got from ebay.

Trying to help.:wink: