He doesn't feel right!

Ok this is fair warning, if you do not want to read a scrubby type post then don’t read this post. There are 3 other good Kyo threads here if you feel you are too good for this:

So I’ve been cancelling my shoto c.RH into fireball for years now; I don’t even have to think twice. The transition from normal xx ken’s funky kick was easy, and I’ve always liked Blanka, and he feels right in CvS2 as well. Same with Guile, and pretty much the rest of the SF2 cast…Iori was easy to get into, as well as Todo…

But Kyo just feels totally awkward. Aside from his accuracy-dependant 2 frame combos, the whole feel of pressing the buttons that execute his specials is so awkward. I end up mashing on buttons to get those rekkas out, and that works a lot better than actually trying to time it. Don’t even get me started on those upkicks…feels totally alien. I can’t get used to it for the life of me; it’s kind of like how some people never get RC elec down or shoshosho consistently.

I don’t think I am alone here…there must be others who feel that Kyo takes a totally different kind of timing to execute. So, any tips on how to “get used to him”? Any particular mashing strategies to get those rekkas out? I’ve finally been able to procure a ps2 for practice, so now I wanna practice some Kyo. I need the flashing sign to say “combo”!

The timing for d.LK x2 link d.MP seems different at times from d.LK link d.MP
I guess though link combos are typically like this, ex. Chun.

Most of Kyo’s combos though require precision, you really shouldn’t be mashing.
You can easily kara-cancel his close up heavy normals into his specials if you’re not careful, though I’m sure that may/may not have its uses.

Tricks like… d.MP xx qcf+P gives you different results if you drum LP, MP, HP to ensure a rekka comes out on a hit/counter-hit. MP version you really shouldn’t ever use, slower than LP version and may/may not combo and not safe on block so much as jab ver. is.

(Fun tip, d.MP xx qcf+HP is excellent, counter-hit or not, sets up qcf+HP, hcb+P mixups)

qcf+LP is at -5 on the block IIRC. Fast reversal timing moves can punish it. To ensure safety It’s best to land this move at the range from cancelling a d.MP either following a kickthrow or after two d.LK’s

Far s.MP xx qcf+LK tags Bison’s 1-hit scissors.

If you ask me you want to get a handle on lift kicks following Kyo’s 4 frame close s.HK. Excellent damage/stun/positioning and leaves you in control and often times other guy’s in the corner. Land it once and chances are you’ll stun and land another but with a jump in.

So far as practicing REKKAS go, you don’t want to do those RANDOMLY anyways. Kyo always struts his stuff off normals following a knockdown.
I got a bunch of stuff commonly seen used or not that works if you want.
It’s like Ragnafrak says, no sub. for practice. Though there are the setups.
For Kyo it’s like all his BnB’s begin off low short (not COMPLETELY, but still) so start there.

HOLY CRAP thank you so much for that, I was using qcf+mp for the longest time, getting frustrated at the weird finger positioning and timing inconsistencies. I’ll take consistency over damage right now for sure

When I talk about “mashing on rekkas” I was talking about my difficulty with the qcf+mp version. I didn’t know whether to negative edge it, hit the button faster (or slower), find better positioning, etc…

So yeah Kyo is definitely fun, his normals are great, and they have a certain lag that makes people antsy to fight, and it’s even better that most have good frame advantage. Wow…qcf+lp, guys! That’s the way to go.

Anyway I guess I’ll browse the many threads out there…though it’s too bad that certain gems found in the ask me thread or other threads seem to be all over the place. Maybe a Kyo fan could organize this here or at the wiki…

I still mash on upkicks, though. Can’t see a reason not to…

I played Kyo seriously for a long while. To be honest I don’t remember why I dropped him he’s an awesome character.

Maybe it was because I wanted to give A-Iori a spin again… Since I’m tired playing N groove for a while and though I played K a bit I didn’t really like it.
P-Groove Kyo’s hot but you need to invest a lot of time in P and with my job right now I really can’t. Iori’s mixups are no less lethal than Kyo’s, and A-Iori’s mixups are awesome with when activation’s included in the mix. N-Iori’s got more to offer without meter of course but whatever.

Anyway I started up Kyo’s wiki and was going to fill in all the stuff I knew maybe sometime this weekend, but there’s others out there with a wealth of knowledge too.

There’s nothing wrong with mashing on lift kicks btw. Just that like his short-strong link, there’s a timing involved and its nice to know those intricacies with a character instead of “mashing” all the time. ex. RC electricity.


By “finger positioning,” I had trouble for the longest playing this character on a d-pad and trying to transition from “training” on that to an arcade stick. Those newer… Udon d-pads are a nicer alternative to generic PS2’s there.

Well… For his rekkas I really just use my forefinger and middle finger.
Tap the shorts with the fore twice let off and bring both fingers up and drum them down middle finger first on strong then forefinger on jab as I buffer in qcf.

That’s like the only way to do it unless you’re E.T. I think.

I’m not sure which thread to put this in, but here’s what I found…

c.mp into c.fierce is normally just a one-frame link, but the meaty potential makes it potentially an easy 7 frame link! Usually sentences like this are utter BS(cough cough), but I’ve found a way to make c.mp really meaty…

After a connected rekka combo (qcf+lp, x2, mash on kick), hold up on the stick. Right when you land, stick out your c.mp. Beefy

This works the best against Tier 5, which is Vega, Honda, Todo, and Rock. It also works on Tier 4 and 3, but Tier 2 characters wake up fast enough so that the combo is still kind of hard. Should be cake against Tier 5, though…and coincidentally, none of those characters has a DP! Honda can jab headbutt you, though…use it wisely.

The first obvious use: c.mp, c.fierce, rekkas. Does 3800 damage with no groove bonuses. If they start blocking, pick one of Kyo’s many intimidating GC strings. Which one is his best, anyway?

EDIT: If you time everything perfectly, Honda will not be able to jab headbutt you without you blocking. A nice testament to how meaty this setup is. You have to set this up perfectly, though, which means pressing c.mp right when you land. Still, he is able to Fierce headbutt you even if you do it perfectly :sad:

Something else I found…

K-Kyo vs Cammy:

After a kick throw, just hold up. When you come down (with probably RH), she cannot cannon spike you without you blocking it. It’s not an FJI, though…

If she does a 1st frame reversal SDS, she will hit you once while you are in the air for a very small amount of damage. If she does a 2nd frame reversal SDS, you will eat all of the hits! Pretty funny, huh. Nevertheless, her cannon spike is still slow enough to abuse this.

First obvious setup: Do the psuedo-FJI, block the cannon spike, s.RH into super. Works best when she is in the corner. Remember, you have to use a low jumping Kyo or else you won’t even connect with the jumping RH.

Looking back, there’s no way this makes sense if you look at the frame data for everything you want to try in this game. If you are a frame nerd, things like this will escape you. The lesson is to try things out!

Anyway, cannon spike has a slow, 4 frame startup (regardless of strength), and her super supposedly comes out after 8 frames, unless I’ve read it wrong. I’m not sure what that triangle above the middle of the 2 sections of 4 frame start up means…still wouldn’t make sense. The only thing I can think of is that the kick throw doesn’t leave you at your closest to Cammy, which effectively increases her cannon spike startup time, since it needs some time to reach you.