He sent hatemail after winning

This guy using balrog, whose gamertag will remain hidden, sent me hatemail AFTER he won against me.

It was a 1 bar connection, so there was hardly anything I could do to punish, as everything came out so late, and the button presses were coming after the motions, so if i want to do SPD, it doesn’t do it. I just waggled the left thumbstick for nothing.

SO anyway, he wins first round, i win 2nd, he just scrapes by despite him missing his ultra (probably becuase of the lag) twice.

Fine, you beat me, well done, be happy about your achievements, but being a dickhead about it is just fucking out of order. I hate people who are like this. I sent a right long flaming message about how he should just commit suicide :wow:

and i hope he does! :rofl:

so what exactly did he say?

Omg tell me moar!!!

And ?

I’m not trying to be a dick because I truly believe sign-up date doesn’t equate to forum etiquette knowledge, but damn dude, there’s a whole thread that deals with this type of stuff.

he… sob he… said that… I was “the saddest gief” ever!

slumps in corner and drowns in tears

fail…why would you play someone with one bar?..negged

yay, 4 neg bars, keep those little red squares coming!


But really, you should just use the hatemail thread. I’m about to do that right now :tup:

because, there still arent many people in G1 finals, let alone people in europe, and I cant be bothered waiting half an hour for at least a 3 bar to show up.

so, you fail, dumbass. Uh oh, gonna neg me again? u know u want to :slight_smile:

I was thinking of doing that, but I thought this deserved a thread of its own, i was so mad.

alright! 5 bars! Can I haz moar plz?

i saw a replay with duncan’s zangief… i put on input display and he literally used ONE button the ENTIRE match… it was either all punch or all kick… its sad that someone can win with zangief without knowing how to do one combo at all… all they have to do mash that win button

here you go

was it against abel by any chance?

because i deliberately used only one button. And I do know combos, want a match so i can prove? I use light punch green hand, i use light spd or ex spd, i use the suplex, I use body slam for crossups and knee drop for tick throws, so don’t say I always use one button.

Just when I think that 09 can’t fail any more.

All of these new Zangief players give the talented ST/Alpha/etc Gief’s a bad rep.

He actually said that?! He should totally just kill himself.


hey duncaan i played ur gief in G1 .

you won the first round and had a huge life lead in the second so you taunted me. I made a comeback using a super and ultra. Won the third round easily

shouldn’t have taunted man

and you should be ashamed of losing to abel as a gief player

I’m not new though… Ive played zangief since sf4 release day. Unless you see new as in never played any of the previous street fighters, in which case, I must bow down and grovel at your pro feet and acknowledge that I will always not be as good as people who have actually played the previous titles.

So, it doesnt matter how much time i put in, if i didnt play the previous ones, i cant be talented, yeah makes sense.