He shouldn't be a jaguar

Far off from the realm of mind games and footsies but Important nonetheless :nono:
Adon should be a cardinal.
Adon reminds me more of a cardinal rather than a jaguar. I mean he is colored somewhat like one and all his moves are jumpy and spunky like a bird’s. His moves make that pointy kind of reflection that also looks like cardinal’s beak. On top of all that his hair is pointed like a cardinal plus he kinda has a cardinal’s build. But on the other hand he was Sagat’s apprentice and Sagat is a tiger after all, I guess it’s only fitting that he be a smaller cat than Sagat. Maybe it’s just me but I’d like to hear what you think. :looney:

Dats coo.

And Sagat shouldn’t be a tiger… because he’s bald.

And has one eye. Everyone knows tigers have TWO eyes.

Yeah, Bald Eagle Destruction just doesn’t have the same ring to it. =[

That said, I find this thought of a bird-themed Adon interesting. He is a boisterous, squawky fellow who tears shit up mostly with his legs, so perhaps the OP is onto something.

But Cardinals don’t have teeth. Cardinal tooth?

Also, do cardinals have sleepovers?


Rising Cardinal? Cardinal Beak? Ehh… Jaguar just have a better ring.

Adon’s a turkey. Gobble gobble gobble.

Rising Turkey! Turkey KICK! Turkey revolver! Turkey knee!

Sounds good.

Well all tigers would only have 1 eye if go hibiki took one out like he did with sagat plus he could be one of those anti fur tigers because he wants to save his brethren hence the baldness:rofl:

Adon’s a pussy. Rawr!