Head phones/ Head sets Thread


I’ve never made a thread… This is my first one, Hopefully people don’t go insane on me. Looked for a thread but only saw random headphone comments and stuff like ipod thread. I’m looking for earphones for mainly music, not gaming etc.

In any case I’m just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good pair of head phones/earbuds. I hate the default ipod ones, I use to have the skullcandy ones “smoking buds”. They were fine, although you had to kinda push them in to hear good bass etc. I’ve been looking around several sites to try and find a good pair trying to gauge the feedbacks left by buyers and users.

Like with most of those sites, amazon, cnet, random tech sites, 75% love it and swear it’s the best, 25% hate it and say it’s the worst, then recommend another pair and the other pair ends up having the same reviews, 3/4ths for it, the rest hating it and swearing on another pair.

I realize a lot of it comes down to personal preference, once again I hate the ipod ones a lot of people might love those, I had some cheap cheap rca ones a long time ago that kicked ass, the skull candy was ok but i’d prefer one with some bass to it. Funny enough the BOSE ear plugs have a lot of people saying it’s bad which was a surprise to me.

Just wondering what people around here use and how they feel about it, I do expect the same type of results with lots for and against but at least it might narrow down the selection a bit more. Oh yeah I am looking for the bud types not normal overheards or on the ear but the ones that go inside the ear. My friend said Sennheiser is pretty good so i’m looking that but theres lots of complaints on the wiring being too frail and causing static easily.

Any type of recommendations or help would be great. Thanks in advance. :tup:


I really prefer over the head old school headsets(The model I particularly want is a bose QVC2 but I’ll take any noise canceling set), but if you’re looking into in-ear it’s SkullCandy or it’s not worth more then 5 bucks.


This might be a good place to ask this question since we are talking headsets…
I just ordered an Astro A40 headset and mixamp and I would like to be able to use it with my custom arcade stick.

I have seen people use a jack and cable to mount a headphone jack to their custom cases. For Example, here is a NAS case that controlcommerce finished:


Click here for more pics of this case.

Does anybody know where to get the jack and cable?


I just got a pair of these: http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-audio/razer-moray/

The company makes “hardcore” gaming products but the above headphones are made for just listening to music.

I got sick and tired of my shit ass iPod headphones (the newer version) which is terrible audio quality, and went through some random cheap $5 or $10 headphones from the convenience. Each lasting only about a week before they broke.

Eventually I decided to pony up the cash and bought the “Morays” from Razer. Great headphones and not that costly.

Here’s a review of them: http://www.i4u.com/full-review-500.html


portapro’s are really good for it’s price.


www.headphone.com for all your audiophile needs. Don’t buy “gaming” headphones like razer, logicrap, turtle beach ect ect. Get some Sennheisers or Audio Technicas


i can’t answer your question, but i’ve been using the astro mixamp for over a year+ (i use sony mdr-7506 headphones for fps or beyerdynamic dt880s if i want to enjoy the sounds of a game) and it’s incredible. one of the best purchases i’ve ever made.


Sweet. I’m happy to hear that I won’t be wasting that huge chunk of cash!!


i;d recommend some “shures” or “ultimate ears” if you have the money to shell out for one


Razer Morays are very, very good in-ear headphones for the price. It’s currently retailing at around $25 locally, and nothing else comes close to the price-to-quality ratio this thing offers.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, though, I suggest getting the head-direct RE0. They’re on sale on their site for $79, WAYYYY down from the original SRP of $200. These are extremely detailed, and are considered to be in the top 10 in-ear models worldwide despite the price.

Some Shures are garbage. Most Shure in-ears are a LOT worse than the RE0, and even their best models (E500, SE530) are arguably at par with the RE0. I haven’t tried any of those UEs, though, but I can’t imagine them being as much a bargain as the RE0.


These are the only words that matter.
1.)Fuck portapros. That’s some 4chan recommendation shit right there. Far too base-y, also fit like a special kid helmet.
2.)Best pair of sub-100 dollar headphones I have ever laid hands on are Sennheiser HD-280 Pro’s.


Exactly what I was thinking.

Passive noise canceling, neoprene carrying case, great quality in-ear phone quality, gold plated connectors, airplane adapter, 3 sets of different sized ear pieces, no ‘tinny’ sound or nothing…

For that guy to flat out say ignore these ear phones would be a mistake IMO.

You can even get the PAX version which is the same cost as the normal Morays but also has a built in microphone attached so that you can use it with your phone. (but it doesn’t have a pickup button :S): http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-audio/razer-moray-plus-pax


Oh god no skull candy’s.

Go to head-fi.org. Lot of info.

Westone’s are great IEM’s.


My friends have Sennheiser headsets for music use and I’ve tried them out myself, I’ll vouch for them. Was thinking of buying a pair really, but I don’t really use headsets for music.


the head-fi.org forums are great.

Im currently using Sennheiser HD280 pros for computer/gaming use. They are my favorite headphones I’ve ever used for an FPS game. Bass is not very strong, sound is very crisp and separated, yet I beileve that there are many other headphones around the same price that are better for music.

For my portable mp3 use I have a pair of Shure SE310 IEM’s. I would recommend these to anyone. If you are planning on investing a little money into some high-quality earbuds, look into anything by shure. The sound isolation is excellent, and they are some of the only earbuds I have used that were comfortable to me.


i love my sennheiser hd 555, u can get them for 100$ on amazon.


Does anyone use an amp for their headphones? I see them a lot but know nothing about them let alone what benefit they give. Was looking at the astro mixamp someone mentioned in this thread. Anyone more familiar with amps have a say on it?


QFT. Sennheisers are the bomb. I didn’t even get the high end ones, but they are the best headphones I have ever used.


Thanks for all the tips I’ll take a look at them and research them a bit.

Lot of people seem to vote for sennheisers, and they were recommended to me by some other people locally, though I hear complaints about the wires being too thin? Maybe that’s only on cheaper models.

I do like the way the razer morays look. The PAX one is neat, I’d probably get one just because it’s PAX lol.

Any further opinions would be great and appreciated.


I own a pair of Sennheiser HD-595 for general purpose listening. They’re best for classical music, but they’re phenomenal phones for gaming too.
I recently bought some Head-Direct RE-0 IEMs, as I needed a more portable listening solution, and were really impressed by them as well. I just use a cheap Fiio E1 portable amp with my iPod.

As mentioned above, head-fi.org is a great resource for information on headphones.