Head Press/SSD, Cannon Strike and Tsurugi



I know these moves arn’t too similar but I am having issues with them none the less. Bison’s(Dictator) Head Press and follow up attack, Cammy’s Cannon Strike, and Makoto’s Tsurugi. I eat these all day long. Does Chun have an answer for these attacks? Or am I better off just blocking and countering after the block string if possible? Thanks in advance.


Depends on the situation but if those moves are being used during offensive pressure, it’s just best to block unless you can correctly read their patterns.

From a reasonably spaced position you can reactively:

Headpress - airthrow
Followups - c.mk (xx ex legs), c.mp, or focus provided it’s not ex versions

Canon strikes - generally hit her before canon strike activates. Meet her in the air with j.hp tc, or s.mk. Focus works too but can reversalled by canon spike if they react to it.

Tsurugi - s.hp. Focus also effective. During blockstrings, cs.hk.


Bison’s command jumps…

Watch his meter when he goes into the air, if he gains meter, it’s head press, and you want to air throw, if he doesn’t, then it’s D’s Reverse, in which case you want to wait and punish it with dash ultra 1. If he actually tries to attack you with the devil’s reverse, or post head stomp move which is similar, (because he did headstomp on your wakeup or something) you can focus (the non-ex versions), or you can anti-air with cr.mk, cr.mp or cr.hk.

Cannon Strike…

Generally I just focus->backdash. You don’t want to do that every time, you want to occasionally air to air, or level one focus or far.mk if they’re being predictable, but my on reaction response is generally just focus backdash.


What Meeks said. I’m actually bad against this these days, since I used to rely on df.lk too much, need to training mode that shit.


If Cammy does canon strike from distance you can panish it ith U2 because she has no good air normals to knock you and she hangs in the air for a moment during canon strike which gives you time to make it on time


Good Bisons won’t use headpress unless its in a set up that you can’t punish or escape so block it, if they do it randomly you can air throw or just walk/dash cos the tracking on it is awful then get a free punish. Honestly though if a Bison is using headpress where it can be easily punished then find a better Bison to fight. Also I go Ultra 2 in this match for the easier damage and easier punish on EXPC escapes so to punish devils reverse (when they are building meter) dash near them then cr.mp it.

For Cammy if she is patterned neutral jump rh punishes it, if they do it from far (ish) away jump and any move that hits above her knee will beat it the hit box on it is not very big (j.mk or lk works well). If they for some unknown reason do it from like half screen away (I have seen this from Cammy’s with really bad spacing) st.mp beats it pretty easily as does st.hp. If you have time focus backdash it then see what options you have. If you have to block it which again really you should have to if they are a decent Cammy just deal with the pressure :frowning:

Makoto… Err I am not good against the Makoto I fight I don’t really get the MU so I have no real way to deal with her effectively, bad Makoto’s do what Meeks said…

TBH all these characters give me real issues if they are played well (well played better than I can play just to clarify what I’m calling well, which may or may not be well lol) but these things aren’t the moves and strategies that give me problems against them


I play Mak as a secondary, there’s nothing you can do against Hard Tsurugi, it’s beats every single on of her options, especially on wake up. The only thing that might work is focus backdash but even, it’s possible for Mak to punish (need to test this but stick isn’t working.)

It’s also quite funny, using H.Tsurugi on Chun’s wake up makes both of her ultra’s whiff (why you’d wake up ultra with chun is beyond me but good to know)


I had no idea about this o_O! Does he also make a different sound when doing the Stomp vs D’s Reverse? That is a great find, that will help me immensely.

Thank you all for the advice. I will have to put some work into it. I’ve gotten better at it, but mostly because I don’t try to knock them out of it, I just block and counter.