Head to Head: PSP & DS thread!

I just thought about doing this thread for people who might have these handhelds, and help try to find comp. Maybe bust a couple heads on some ish. Post just shit like who you played, who won, score…etc. I hope to see peeps intrest in this thread grow yo.

Only games I own on my PSP are: Ghost in the shell, and Darkstalkers. I plan to get Metal gear acid soon. I heard that ish was nice online. Also this thread is just for random talk about up coming handheld (solely) but all online games ingeneral.

Example of what I mean by posting stats is like:

Names of Users

Chaocitic vs. shoeboy

Game:Whatever the game you’ll be playing.

Times played- 2/3

Score: (if the game is based on score) or for fighting games.

Winner: Shoeboy

This will enstablish top players for these online games. I think this will be dope.

In other news. Is anybody interested in the Alpha game for PSP, and The remade R.E. for DS?

Everybody should pick up that game that is Tetris Attack-esque for PSP…name slips my mind…Of course, ya’ll have gotta pick up SFA3 MAX.

bleach for the DS is mad good, it’s insane how much fun it is, tetris for the DS will support 4 players online at once, or 10 in a direct connect type venture, should be good

Uh, is this the right forum?

Checkin’ out how to play my PSP online now since I finally snatched that shit away from my girl. That iPod Nano’ll keep her away from it for now. Good form. Anyone been to any of those Nintendo Wi-Fi hotspots?

yeah the wifi spots are pretty much ass, better using wifi from home if you have a fast connection.

Really I thought that the hot spots would be ill. Hmmm…well I’m glad someone took intrest in this thread. Silent dude I didn’t know what forum to put it in so I just picked this one. lol Hope ya don’t mind lol.

By the way. The Alpha 3 max is nice yo. I’d recommend it to any PSP street fighter nerds. Only thing that gets me charged up is that it’s only AD-HOC mode compatiable. Unlike Dark Stalkers, but it’s still nice if you’re in an area w/good comp. I’m gonna get that lumines.

I heard Bleach was ill. I’m mainly liking the CV on the DS.

I have sf alpha max, is there anyone local in Los Angeles that can play me wifi?

I just bought Metal Gear Acid (which was pretty scratch, but it works. How do you scratch a PSP game???) & Mega Man X. There both some sweet games me thinks. I gotta get this thread more in the SRK eye. So everyone can come in here and get a match. I know it’s more peeps on SRK w/handhelds.

Anyway… anybody have Darkstalkers??? Wanna play???

I have a DS and wifi… my friend codes are in my signarute and i hope to buy Metroid Prime Hunters…if it turns out good oh well hope to get alot of good DS comp in Mario Kart ( my record is low 15-2 but i own)

Spread the word, & Keep this thread alive ya’ll.

Yo, 50trap, I just picked up darkstalkers for my psp i’m down to play it online if possible. Hit me up on AIM I usually have it on all the time.

Ight coo’ I’ll hit you up sometime. I’m in class right though. If you see FORESIGHT on in the lobby that’s me? Where you from anyway? I’m in Detroit. I’m just asking that cause there’s no comp here in Detroit for anything really. At least not that I know of. Theres one other guy here that plays anything and I hardly get to play him anymore.

Yo, 50 I live in L.A. is that going to be a problem?

You two must be smoking the fucking mad shit cause uh, Darkstalkers is NOT online…

Yes it is.

it say’s infrastructure on the box,

And it has network mode. Maybe you smoking the mad ish dawg, cause this is the PSP/Ntendo DS thread homie. We’re not talking about the Darkstalkers on PS2. Now Alpha 3 only supports AD-HOC mode. I Just think people w/PSP’s need to network and play( that’s what it’s for). ***Hint Hint that’s why I started this thread for those who want comp to play. Do you have Darkstalkers on PSP?

ManSize: I’m free until 6:00 my time yo. Which I think is like 3:00 your time. I’m on eastern time homie. I believe Cali’s only 4 hours behind us. I’ll be on at 4:00 which I think should be like 12:00 or 1:00 your time.

Peeps need to cop MGS:AC!D and be on the look out for MGS:AC!D2. I’m looking for AC!D players. I know there has to be some. I mean we have infurstructe mode I was told the Japanese version wasn’t blessed with that. I say we put that ish to use. Reload we need to play. I’m gonna record em. Put em on the net.

I’m on right now.

s/b under Jules

I’m finna get on right now. Then I’m in class I hope they don’t have a WEP key needed just to play. I’ll see in a lil… look for FORESIGHT. What you wanna do versus? Let’s just bust some V.S. matches. I’m in network as we speak. I’m gonna DL AIM on one of these comps fuck em. I need it dammnit. It’s a way of life.