Head to Head: PSP & DS thread!

hit me up on AIM screen name is DrCrizon
I’m hosting right now 12:18 westcoast time

I gotta holla at the tech guy and get the WEP key code. I think cause I don’t see you. Stay on I should be on in the next 30 mins tops.

Mansize: They won’t give me the WEP key code. There’ll supposed to be getting a public one sometime this “year”. My thing how are you gonna just have one for building use. People take there laptops and portable devices every where with them now a days. Shit I got a Web design project to work on and the funny thing is one of pics I wanna use is on my PSP. Can’t even get it off I fogot my USB connector at home. So I was just gonna send it to my email from my PSP ( not even sure if I can do that) but I was gonna try. I have a wireless port at home I’m just gonna bring it tommorrow when I come to class. I’m gonna DL aim and all that tommorrow. So if your free just expect to get a random aim from Black Rose Dudley (that’s the SN). Sorry about that fuck pantsies! I hate how places of buisness have tech crews that don’ t know shit. I mean they’ll know enough to get the job but act like noobs when it comes to todays technical ish. Can’t stand that, but they don’t want to let a nigga like me in cause the way I like to dress. Bull ish!!

So we’ll get up w/each other tommorrow I gotta finish politican w/this red bone chicken next to me.

Outt-e 5’gs

i’m still not sure how to get a game going online, I mean you don’t have to log into anything in network mode and you just sit in a lobby doesn’t even ask you to host or guest.

like In VS mode you don’t have to host or guest. In league you do have to either host or guest, but you have to either be on AD-HOC mode or infrastructure mode. You can choose the which mode you wanna be in by going to the home page, and scrolling over to settings. Then scrolling down and selecting network settings. It should bring a screen up that will let you choose from AD-HOC mode and infrastructure mode. Now to use infrastructure mode you need a wireless setup, internet connectivity, and of course a comp. AD-HOC only requires another PSP system with-in a 20 mile radius and the PSP user has the same game as your trying to play.

This is another reason why I created this thread because a lot of people don’t really know how to work the online feautres of the PSP.

So do you have a wireless setup at whatever comp your at now?

You don’t have to log into anything in network as long as you setup which mode you wanna be in then your all set to go. There’s no password or anything like that. Trust I’ve called sony and just flat out sounded fucking dum cause I was like I don’t know if I’m working this right. The guy told me that if your in infrastructure mode. You need what I listed above. If your using that mode you need to know if you have a wep key security code on or off. If it’s on you need to put that code in the system so it can access your wireless network.

Mainly no theres no passwords required to access the network mode on any games that I have on the system. I got a boy who has a PSP I’m sure he’s played it online before I’ll ask him about somethings, but try what I’ll telling you and let me know what’s the deal.

How do I play people in Lumines online?

Yeah can someone break down how to play these fucking games please? This is the Head to Head thread afterall! :arazz:

From 50s last post it sounds like it’s a bigger bitch than I want to bother with.

I’d kill to play Lumines and SFA3 and Tales of Eternia (o…m…g, I can’t even imagine that one…) online though so let me know niccas.

Well in the instruction manual it tells you all the requirments to get online. I don’ t own lumines yet. I’m still looking for it. I heard it’s sweet. SF3 is only ad-hoc mode. So pretty much you know how you need a link cable between 2 GBA’s? Well think of AD-HOC like that. You have to be in a certain range from another PSP w/the same game to play in AD-HOC mode. If you really need help just call the sony help line that’s what’s it there for yo.

So I’ll make a check list of required things to play in infrastrute mode;

*Comp w/internet access. Preferably High speed.
*Wireless network adapter. Like Linksys.
*And make sure your W-LAN switch is in the upright position. The W-Lan switch is on the left side of the PSP. To the left of the analog to be precise. You’ll know when it’s on because when you try to log onto the network mode it will become solid green.

It’s actually pretty simple it just sounds complicated, but trust it’s not. When you mess w/it and figure it out. I just figured out how to put pics and video on my PSP not to long ago. I’m trying to get my cowboy bebop on it.

PSP sucks, dslite is crack and i am money.

who wants some mario kart pwnage?

I did exactly what you said, but when you go to settings the only option for selecting ad hoc or infrastructure was just to edit, so I’m not sure if I did this correctly or not, anyways I have wireless network at work and at home feel free to hit me up anytime you see my AIM name come up.

PSP go-illa than DS, and yes I can say that cause I own a DS. Lol!!! Toan you lucky I don’t have wi-fi. Don’t won’t none in Mario Kart. I compliament your marvel skills though.

Mansize check the connection once your done. If you get a singnal then your connected to the network.