Head west, young man! What are the Best Cali spots?


Pretty over living in places with snow, strongly considering relocating to the golden state, but theres like a billion areas, Im pretty clueless and there are hella CA heads here. I’m thinking beaches and cali trees mostly, other shit around is great too but blazing in ocean view seems like a pretty important priority. Almost surely looking for 3+ br house to rent, something nice but probably not looking to spend more than 4k a month on rent. What would be the best areas based on those considerations and for what reasons? THANKS CA FRIENDS


you ballin or something?

SoCal OC area has great beaches. dont know what youre gonna get for 4k tho. good luck finding a job too.


job isnt an issue, got it covered chief

Maybe ballin by srk standards but no not really

and yeah like not necessarily a beach house just something in view of the ocean at least, like in vicinity. I saw a place in SD area with a pool and a putting green in the middle for like 3k so i feel like theres something around can be done


I prefer NorCal over SoCal (obviously), but there are tons of great areas to live in throught Cali. Based on what you’re looking for, I’d probably recommend Santa Cruz or Capitola. Great weather, nice homes near the water, great places to eat, lots of wildlife and a good mix of warm people of all ages.

Holla at me or Monte with a PM if you have any more questions.


Yeah San Diego will be cheaper than LA, but less to do and more douchebags (and mexicans…if that’s possible)

In terms of LA-area ocean spots, Hermosa Beach isnt too expensive, Long Beach has its spots, Venice is nice but pricey, Santa Monica is very nice but pricey, etc.


San Luis Obispo, Oceania, Pismo Beach, and (since you are ballin) Santa Barbara.


stay away from major fault lines.

with that said. santa barbara is pretty 'lax…well basically anywhere in the northern 805 area is pretty chill.

edit: what Zulu said.


Get a place in Napa county and drink up.


forreals, the capitola bay is so nice. sometimes when I come back from Santa Cruz I’ll take the back roads and go along the coast cause it’s just a beautiful drive. and San Jose is like a little over 30 minutes away so you got the option of chillin out in the sun on the beach or taking a little drive and getting some of dat big city life.


CALI Bound


San Francisco sucks.

Recommendations? Probably somewhere inland Norcal, like San Matero


Stockton Sucks.


Don’t bother going north of Santa Barbara if your coming to CA. Santa Barbara is the biggest wannabe SoCal place in Cali, but it is an amazing place, full of young college age people. It’s out of all the crap of North LA and north Hollywood too, enough to be its own secluded eden but close enough to visit if you want to go clubing. For Beach life, anything Huntington or south is nice, especially SD. Long beach and north into LA gets rough, and Venice beach is trashy now. SD has ridiculous beaches though.

I live on the central coast, but I find Norcal has way less to do than Socal (obviously) and the people are uptight or just downright assholes (San Jose). I think its the Silicon Valley effect. I spent the last 3.5 yrs in SoCal and there is that LA materialism/fakeness but mostly people are genuine because they just like being there so much. And SD has the most laid back people I have ever seen.

I guess I would check out SD, less expensive than OC and LA areas, more laid back atmospehere, best beaches, and driving distance if you ever need to get to the greater LA area.


the tiburon area up there is pretty baller. Nice and quiet, serene and the water is just a picture perfect blue. It is a little colder than I would hope a water front property to be though.


You truly think that people in NorCal are bigger assholes than SoCal? WOW!

What happened to you while you were up here? Did you get burned by a prostitute or something? :lol:

Honestly, besides my recommendations I’d have to agree with Gorath’s Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica suggestions.


Visit sure…live maybe
Pros: Relatively stable area, great scenery (assuming you’re in the more vineyard parts of the valley), quiet, fine wine if you’re into that, central location between Sacramento and SF amongst other cities, good eats (cheap and ballin status)
Cons: high cost of housing/apartments, pretty boring in terms of things to do in town/county

If you’re trying to settle down and live a pretty safe comfortable life then consider Napa…but if you want to have lots of fun on the weekends you’re going to have to go to neighboring cities


This. And Redondo Beach. San Pedro area isn’t too bad but it’s far away from everything and kind of ghetto. You could also try Rancho Palos Verdes.


i like this thread. continue. im thinking of hitting cali after my vegas moment is over in august. i just wanna be safe and party though. being by the beaches is a plus, but party and safety comes first. a mixture of normal funds partying, to baller status without having to travel far. picky right. lol


Sandy Eggo.



Come to Toronto. Lose the use of your extremities in the winter, get flesh-melting, cancer-inducing heatwaves in the summer. We’ve got the best of both worlds.