Headbutt -> crush



Something I just realized the other day, and this is after more than a year of playing Urien! It’s possible other Uriens don’t know about this either.

When Urien charges down-back, he’s ready to do a headbutt or a crush. But when he does a headbutt, he doesn’t have to lose the charge for the crush. Simply do the headbutt by moving the stick to up-back position, and the crush is still stored. This lets you get out an immediate crush after a headbutt. (or similarly, a headbutt after crush)

This could be useful.


hehe pretty nice, im not a urien player myself, but i think i understand this film i had with urien charge buffer abuse…


sounds good, but the only time you can do another tackle after a headbutt is an exheadbutt… and charging for a tackle after a exheadbutt is relatively easy.


cool technique

It sounds good to me, even if it prolly can’t be connected (I think Urien lands after opponent) it could be useful as a mind game to surprise attack opponent with a tackle.

nice one:D

p.s. Another wierd thing that I have found, even some of you guys may experience this as well from time to time, but sometimes I would be charging back with Urien and then I would walk forward and then back again then forward maybe once or twice and then hit a kick and a tackle would be executed when I dont even expect it, is this also caused by the whole partitioning thing?


cool technique

no, I understand that you can’t land a crush after a headbutt (because the headbutt knocks down).

I’m suggesting that in a mid or long range game, a whiffed headbutt -> crush is an option.


cool technique

i think theres this glitch, if u go forward and throw something out, like a kick, or whatever, and charge back again really fast, it wont register the time u pressed forward, means u still got ur charge

but thats just a theory… so


Re: cool technique

I don’t think so. If you press kick, your crush will come out.

I think what Raju is referring to, is that you can itch forward to back without losing your charge time.

Technically, I wouldn’t call it charge partitioning. Usually, you partition a 2 second charge with two 1 second charges and a dash in between. You’re not partitioning anything in this case. It’s just an incident of the game being flexible.


Re: Re: cool technique

Yeah I see what you mean, the main probolem with this is that its not always calculated and I sometimes tackle when I don’t want to which can be costly but it only happens once in a blue moon so its all good but very strange.:slight_smile:


pisses me off when I am chargin, someone jumps over me and when I try to throw, the tackle comes out.


thats happens to me all the time, well frustrating:mad:


Re: Re: cool technique

partition- 1) to divide into parts or shares 2) one of the parts or sections of a whole

technically it IS charge partioning. the charge move doesnt HAVE to be broken into two one second charges. it can be broken into eight one-fourths of one second ( 4 x 1/4 = 1 [sec] and 8 x 1/4 = 2 [sec] ). the hell, it can be broken into thirty-two one-sixteenths of a second ( no human could perform that though). but eight quick charges ARE possible though. try it.

i.e. alex’s air stampede. do 8 quick crouches then up+ kick.

also u dont have to dash back/foward then execute a charge move for it to be labled “charge partioning”. dashing just allows the player to utilize a charge move more freely. and it adds more to the mind game.

there are plenty of ways to partition charges. such as dashing sevaral times and storing charge in between each dash. thowing out normals (standing) and storing charge between each attack. UOH and storing. even perfoming charge moves and storing bits of charge for another charge move

i.e. urien combo: hugo in corner.
1)low fierce (immediately charge BACK).
2)on the second hit of the low fierce charge DOWN-BACK (this now stores a PORTION [about one sec] of the jab headbutt you’re about to perform).
3)f+short [ “crush!” ].
4)immediately finish charging the rest of the headbutt (dwn-bk).
5)then( upon recovery) up-back+jab [ “eeeya!”](hold up-bk)
6)upon landing foward+two kicks (ex tackle) for a useless but flashy 6-hit combo

2-4 is partioning, but 5+6 isnt.

even when walking back and forth repeatedly u r charge partitioning. if u happen to press f+k when u stored EXACTLY 2 seconds of charge ( this i call the “PERFECT CHARGE”), a chariot rush will come out. u may not know you’re charged for two seconds but the cpu does. dont worry, if u undercharge or overcharge “random” charge moves wont be executed . however, mastering perfect charging/charge partitioning can make u dangerous.

if u want to learn more about charge parts visit the EVERDRED TEACHES REMY thread. u may not like remy but you’ll love charge parts.


just a random question here… how would you do a headbutt after a dash?..

i see it’s pretty useful after u knock the opponent down, toss up an aegis, dash in and headbutt over the body and the push him back into the aegis…


Re: Re: Re: cool technique

took me a while to goto the Remy thread…but you’re right, I love charge parts.


yeah we love doing whiff headbut into shoulder into super. It just looks cool. I been doing that for like a year and a half just for fun, And my urien still isnt any good. But hell. It looks like I know when I’m doing!