I did try searching before I posted this, however all I got were threads on Boxer.

Anyway, headbutt. Right now I’m at the point where I’m trying to work it into my game, but 9/10 I’m getting rocked when I try and utilize it, I’m rarely trading.

What exactly does it work well against, and what situations call for the FP version over the MP one?

neutreal jump on wake up when they are going to throw you…

I want advice beyond the bitterly obvious.

MP headbutt hits earlier while rising and does slightly less damage and stun. It comes out quicker.

HP headbutt has a much larger hit box with more priority. The stun and damage is great and it is combo-able.

You should be using the HP version in most situations.

Too lazy to get into the specific situations but they are mostly all the same. Usefull on Vega dives and when you call someone jumping to avoid wake up SPD. Works great as a meaty in the Gief vs Gief matchup. Im sure someone will post the specific damage and stun. You can check it in training though.

Any time I kno someone is cming at me in the air and I can time it right, the headbutt usually nails’em. Since its based on a neutral jump, its something I sorta throw out there when it feels 'safe, or when I’m being pressured. It works against a large percetnage of moves that advance the opponenet closer to you as well. If you see the hurricane kick comin, headbutt.

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so it works with the air hurrican??? Hmm . . . i didn’t know that. I’ll keep that in mind.

Last time I played SFIV i had great matches against other Geif players. I was on my toes all match long and man I tell ya they were good and beat me, but I beat a couple of them. I have never fought a good Gief before so it was really fun for me.

Headbutts are great against mirror matches. I hate Mirror matches lolz.

A Zangief knocked my out of my firece headbutt(as balrog) with his jumping headbutt once. Not sure if its timing specific but it surprised the shit out of me. I was waking up and he was jumping so I figured a headbutt ultra would good but instead I ended up getting stunned and ultraed.

Yeah HP headbutt is a priority beast. With proper spacing and timing it even trades or beats wake up SRKs even. As for the Balrog headbutt, I wouldnt recommend Giefs to try and beat that with HP headbutt. Ive beaten some with it but I think the timing is so specific its not worth almost eating a Balrog ultra trying to get that headbutt off on Rog wakeup. Its better to just cross him up with knees i think.

yea it works great on air tatsu. when i get a ryu coralled in the corner, thats how i stop them frm heli-tatsuing outta there. you have to time it right of coruse but without headbutt they escape corner for free with heli-tatsu. nail them once and you give them something to think about before they try it again.

also the seth matchup is unwinnable without headbutt. works great when he tries to wall jump outta the corner. or if you can try to nail his jp. fierce.

1 counter hit headbutt=stun on seth

i also use it on bison if they like to do lots of devil reverses, if he gets to close it tags him…usually trades with headstomp tho

i find that mp headbutt is very useful against akuma as well if u spot him going for a demon flip.

I have a buddy that plays Gouken all the time. I assume it would work well here too?

Headbutt beats bison headstomp clean if you’re doing it right. If you’re trading, you did it too late. It will usually trades with EX headstomp or get beat clean (this more than trade I find).

I’ve never been able to really ‘beat’ headstomp…trade…consistently…but beat? Naw, is there a secret or something (cups ears for a response lol)

I’ll never forget, I was early in my gief play, came in here and people were ‘preaching’ he headbutt, I said “these guys got to be shittin me”. I got home that night…and as mentioned up above, stunned a Balrog with two consecutive headutts, with the first being on a headbutt to his headbutt, then to a dashing punch…I’ve loved it ever since.

then there was the help they gave me on the Gief mirror match…when I realized how well you can zone with it I started destroying 10/11 Giefs…with just headbutts (granted we aren’t talking good Giefs…but I’ve been a fair share of good Giefs with it as well)…its one of his top 5 moves IMO.

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Headbutt keeps the runaway shotos in the corner. I’ve been preaching this for awhile, but stay a little ahead of the timer on the screen, then when you think the shoto is going to air tatsu out of the corner, jump and HP headbutt. If a Blanka is going to try to ex rainbow roll out of the corner, doing this early beats his attempts to get out as well. If he does ex upball, well, uh, you get hit, but at least he’s still in the corner. Against Sagats who spam standing roundhouse, you can neutral jump to fake a jump in and then headbutt his extended st. roundhouse. If he’s in the corner, this is especially useful. Also, I know this is delinquent, but sometimes on people’s wakeups, you can jump and whiff headbutt and throw them when you land. Do this against non shotos for extra lulz. Do this against Gief players to make them rage. Do this against Akuma and slap your face for even trying.

thanks for the advices you guys. I’ll keep all these in mind. And yeah, I hate the runaway shotos lolz. Kinda boring to fight against imo.

Its awesome for keeping people in the corner, especially those that can wall jump (Seth, you mother fucker!)

Be careful with this - good sagats will learn and then f+HK or kara-TU into whatever.

Yeah, my boy who runs exclusively as Sagat (I think his character percentage is like 90%…had to unlock Seth hehe) will destroy Gief if he does anything but short jump. the only time I’ve connected a headbutt on his Sagat, it was a trade tha of course ended in his favor.

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yea and even short jumps can be kara TK or TU…very frustrating

Yah I’ve been practicing the Sagat match-up and slowly but surely I’m grasping what isn’t safe to do against him…

So I just block in the corner =P j/k

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