Headed to Evo2010, looking for roommates to split hotel with? Post here!


Looking for some roommates for evo:rock:


Your a bit ahead of me, but I haven’t entered the tourney yet soon as i do I’ll look into this again. I’m interested though.


The title of this thread has nothing to do with its contents. I’m changing it.


Yeah, this is going to be my first year at Evo , So i guess i should start dropping by here more often getting to know some fighters and what not.

Any recommendations on good stuff to read around here, don’t want to drown…


Yeah same here, this will be my first year at evo. Is there any specific things I should be aware of ?


The Evo.2k website has a bunch of tournament rules you can read over. Stuff like lifetime bans for violence, so we can’t intimidate or threaten anyone. Zero tolerance on booze, no food…and then there’s stuff to know during gameplay.

Unless i’m not supposed to do this, here: http://evo2k.com/?page_id=47

(Everone’s usernames look so much better than my plain one…)


time to get to planning. Roommates…assemble !!!


I know Valaris, D, TS and myself are rooming together this year. RC is having some irl issues so he is unsure if he can make it this year.
You should talk to valaris about rooming with us. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.


Oh sweet. If you guys dont mind i would pitch in my part and room with you guys. <3


That pic is just hilarious, every time I see it


Coming all the way from St.Lucia (Caribbean). Looking for room mates. I can pay a room for myself for the 3 nights, but also looking for some high level gamers, so I’d prefer to bunk with a couple bad boyz. I can guarantee you, you’ll get some serious games in playing me.

Flying from Miami to Vegas, so anyone from Miami/Florida, maybe we can get this done. Let me know guys.


My last question for the night, would It be too much to start a roommate thread for different States?


You are all sleeping in las vegas. Why would you need separate threads for each state?


Yea, but I heard them ___ boys smell funny!


Simply for those who wish to drive as well i suppose? I know a few people, + myself who haven’t decided on driving , bus or plane yet. But hey, just a suggestion.

And yea, for some reason alot of players value wins and bragging rights over hygiene. But I ain’t callin nobody out

Still, u think the smell would throw the game off with the burning eyes and whatnot.


Just like last year. Count me in again this year! You guys know I didn’t sleep at all last year, so no need for me to claim a bed… give me the couch or a corner. Oh, and this year I’ll be traveling from TX along with other TX players :tup: What’s good Val?


I’m in need of a roommate :wonder:
Also, anybody know where to get cheap plane tickets?


yea, if anyone has any spots in a room and needs another person to help split the costs let me know. I’m trying to go to evo real bad this year but I don’t really have anyone to go with and I can’t afford a room by myself for the whole weekend.


Who’s from Atlanta, Georgia. If so, PM me and we’ll discuss on air flight price and the cost of the hotel.


I’m also looking for a roommate. Just registered yesterday and need a place to bunk. If anyone wants to split hotel costs or has a room with space for another, shoot me a pm or reply back here please. Much thanks in advance!