Heading for the Texas Showdown... HELP ME!

I’m going to the texas showdown this weekend.

The team i’m going to use is Blackheart (b) Cyclops (b) Cable (b)

I could use some Blackheart tips so i can at least beat the first person i go up against.

Maybe if i get lucky i may get to see J wong.

anyways, any new tricks i should look out for

or new blackheart or general black heart tips?

Any help is appreciated

EDIT: After going to the tx showdown, and not a single post here all i can say is thanks to everyone that posted.

you better use someone that your really good at otherwise you gonna lose

How did you do at tx showdown anyways? I’m still new at using Blackheart so don’t really ask me, but the team that use him is Blackheart aaa, XX/Commando aaa.
XX=Cyke aaa
Sent ground
Tron proj
Doom aaa
Cable aaa/proj

Once you go down the path of the dark side, forever will it dominate your destiny.

After real life travails I wouldn’t recommend BH to anyone, but if you must, jumpback fierce is his best basic move. SJ Roundhouse only to cover assists. And mash on low shorts plus Commando/Cyke/AAA into Inferno xx HOD. That’s basically all you need to know.

lol i beat one guy in the loser’s bracket and then i lost to the next guy lol.

i got to meet J wong though lol.

yea i dont’ play marvel competitively anymore but who knows maybe one day but nahhhh

and thx for the advice dasrik.